wen do I feed my clones?

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  1. There 9 days old and have some roots, there in a small starter planter.
  2. What kind if soil are you using and what are you trying to give them for nutes
  3. There in a clean black soil with a lil coconut fur. Havnt really decided on ferts yet any sugg would b appreciative
  4. I'd say if the soil is pure meaning no starter nutes I would give them veg nutes as soon as I seen 3-4 NEW SETS of leaves and even then start with half a dose or less.

    There are several brands of GOOD NUTES out there I personally spent a little extra for my first grow and went with the Advanced Nutrients hobbyists bundle 200$ for flowering. And for me you get what you pay for. I'm only adding voodoo juice and B52 for the veg because I have a high nitrogen soil.

    I did research on feeding charts before I chose and went with advanced because there chart is pretty simple there are some complicated charts out there. I hear good things about FOX FARMS you can pick up there ENTIRE LINE veg-bud for 200$. ROOTS ORGANICS offers a bundle for 100$ veg-bud so it just depends on your funds I guess and how aggressive you want to be.
  5. Ok yes there's a crapload out there so I think my plane is to put them in bigger pots with this same soil and feed them
  6. I feel ya but if you have good soil imo you don't need nutes in veg stage.

    This is the same clone on days 1 (transplant) day 7&12 with no nutes just the voodoo juice which is not a nute and b1 B52. Under a 600w MH. there now 16" and will be put into flower next week

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  7. What kinda soil u using? Should I buy some with nuts in it? Before I transplant? wow she's pretty
  8. Thanks I'm using roots brand Aurora greenfield blend its made for outdoor and says it holds water better but I still water every 3-5 days it has everything you need for veg I'd say. But mine really took off after I added the voodoo and B52. Fox farms has soil that's good for veg without having to add nute also. And should you transplant into this type of soil imo yes but keep in mind you can't add nutes to this type of soil for 2-3 weeks so transplant into your final pot at least 2 weeks b4 you start flower so you can add nutes as soon as you switch the light to 12/12
  9. I transplanted them I worried bout the mix it was cloned in got them from a dude who was new at cloning. Jus straight water for today I think ima go get that voodoo an b1 myself...what think that yellowing is from?

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  10. I've been told the bottom leaves will yellow after transplant because the roots steal there nutrients but don't quote me on that it could be a number of things I'm new to don't know a lot about deficiencies. Did you look into the voodoo and B52 just wondering because I don't want you to be shocked by the price voodoo alone for a 1 liter bottle is 100 dollars but for only 2 plants it will last several grows and B52 is around 50 I think. I got my bundle online for a cheaper price buying all I use which is sensi a&b base,voodoo,B52,bud candy,big bud, and overdrive is 300 if bought separate and its just the starter themes probably 10 more I could use as well. Good luck hope this helps some
  11. Yes very helpful thanks
  12. Anything I can do to help a brother out. Keep us posted i would like to know what you go with and how it works for you.....V
  13. Soo update!! The girls r doin great!! Least I think so. I have still only fed water with a touch of superthrive,since I started using it man sure seems like they have taken off hers a couple of pics. Whatcha think??

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  14. I think they look good but maybe a deficiency of some sort the leaf tips on the one looks burnt.

    There's a great thread on gc with loads of pics and explanations just search deficiencies
  15. the bottom leaves will usually yellow whail the clone takes root. fox farms are not that expensive tho, i have enough ferts for veg all the way through flower and i paid about 45 dollars.
  16. Ok the new growth is nice n green so I think I'm good ill try fox farms in about a week for now I heavy diluted a small amount of mg just for some kinda nuts
  17. I know the bottom leaves yellow while taking root but these leaves look kinda like they got redish tips. I've had several bottom leaves yellow as well but not like that.

    Keep a good eye on it incase it progresses.
    Good luck

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