Welp, onto the grow! Won't be online for a while.

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 13, 2006.

  1. Welp, it's been fun posting and reading loads of information on my favorite plant, but I'm afraid I have to turn off my computer for . . . well, I don't know how long, but definately for A WHILE!

    You see, I have to conserve electricity . . . you all know why. ;)

    SO the first thing that had to go was my comp. Not selling it or getting rid of it (though it is VERY crappy), just have to turn it off as it consumes more electricity than any of my other electrical appliances (with the exception of my fridge). So I'll be offline for a while. Still be around from time to time, just less often as I have to turn my computer off whenever I'm not using it now.

    Wish me luck on my gro. School starts soon too and that'll take up some time, so I'll be too busy to hang out pretty much 24/7 on GC anymore.

    Thanks to GC, Cannabis Culture, and various other sources, I'm pretty sure I can pull off a yield towards the beginning or middle of this fall, with clones to do a monthly SOG pull too (that's a big hope, but here's hopin). So, as you can see, I have to try and conserve electricity (especially if I start a seperate cloning chamber, that means I'll be growing a good deal . . .).

    Peace out, keep the good vibe going in this place and I'll definately be back with pics of my gro once it's done and over (and hopefully successful). Won't post a journal until done, but at least that way you can view the process from start to finish without worrying whether or not it will fail.
  2. Peace homie, Good luck with the grow.
  3. u are one cheap mofo lol.
  4. Goodluck with the grow dude, Drop back by every now and then.
  5. good luck with the op man.

    come back soon!
  6. good luck man. better be able to post some pics when that shit is all done :smoke:
  7. Cya dude and Good Luck, I hope it goes really well for you. Don't get caught!
  8. are you keeping it off to save money... or to lower suspicion on your pad.
  9. i think its a money thing
  10. good luck, bro. my grow is underway now too. 5 random bagseed and 1 pure power plant are already going and off to a good start, and coming up are nirvana's AK48, various tiki seedbank strains, and mandala's hashberry. I can't wait. :]

    what light are you using? a 400watt hps is only about an extra 25 bucks a month.
  11. Yeah, good luck. By the way, what do you plan on growing?
  12. both. because my roomie runs a great deal of electricity for his two aquariums (one's a reef, which requires a low wattage mh, but he has a high wattage mh) and because all my roomies have high end computers, we tend to run ALOT of electricity.

    I run the least, but a grow light is nothing to scoff at so I have to use my computer less (posting from a public outlet at the moment).

    Anyways, I've had low germination rates lately, and I realized I made a super dumb move and used old soil that had oxidized too much and quite simply, became dry. I got three out of nine (33 percent germ rate) which is really bad. SO I invested in some newer soil (all organic, no ferts) and some peat moss for better water retention, etc. I'll just sprinkle that on top of each of them and hopefully that'll help with the ones that already sprouted (they must be somewhat strong to germ in dry soil like that) but I'm afraid I might have lost my other six, which are still in some dixie cups at about four days without sprouting now. Anyways, I'll wait a couple of weeks and if they're still no show, I'll start a few more late. I want at least six sprouts to work with, cuz I plan on only growing 2-3 to full maturity and want a choice of the most vigorous plants as those will more likely be female (as long as the internodes are short).

    Somebody above posted that I must be cheap. Yep, better to save money and keep a low profile imo, but yeh, most growers don't turn off their comp to save electricity, but hey, i'm just a student and have to save a buck any way I can. Growing is one option as I can't really afford chronic on a regular basis, but in equivalent trade I must use less electricity. Just the way the world and karma works. Gain one thing by giving up something else of equivalent or greater value.

    EDIT: Btw, I am growing bagseed from various bags (all mixed unfortunately, but most of it was mids with a 50/50 couchlock/head high stone). I have it in a 3 ft x 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft box, painted white. Carbon scrubber in the back for odor control (currently no carbon as there is no smell until mid to late veg) I will be employing LST, FIM and SCROG for this first grow, with bonsai style pruning to encourage horizontal growth as much as possible as I have limited height and space in general. I'm using a 150 watt hps security light that my roomie and I modded for better ventilation. The box still needs a LITTLE work, but for now it works fine as the seeds are still in germination/seedling stage.
  13. I hope the harvest is a good one GL

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