Welp i just quit my job haha

Discussion in 'General' started by Angry Troll, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I worked for over a year, and decided that today, fuck that place. So I called, said I'm not feeling it anymore, and that's donezo!

    Time to start looking for a new job xD
  2. dawg should have found a job before you quit but whateves though

    i'm feelin' the hamtoro
  3. Hamtaro ftw.

    Still, I wish you would have landed a job before quitting. Finding work is hard in this day and age; I applied to over 100 jobs before I was hired at a good place a year ago, and I do not wish to repeat the process unless necessary.
  4. Yeah man.....why didn't you just stay with your job until you knew for sure about another job....

    && in your last sentence you used an 'xD'...kinda just shows you don't know what the fuck you're doing...so what tough it out, people would be blessed if they were gaven your job, I'm sure...

    Sorry I was going off-topic, but anyway yeah, I hope you find a new job sometime shortly ;).
  5. Hopefully you have enough finances to tide you over till you find a new job OP.

    Out of curiosity, what line of work were you in?

  6. your avatar gives me the feels
  7. Hello mom? Can I come over for dinner until I find a job?
  8. Soft...Shoulda went out with a bang! :smoke: haha justkiddin, congrats man.
  9. You didnt even put in a two weeks notice so your could atleast use that as a reference?
  10. What was your job?

    I recently quit my job this summer as well.... and it felt DAMN good to get the fuck out that place.
  11. Yeah I kinda realized now that I should have given notice, but I'm just using a supervisor as a reference (one who understands my situation) an not the actual store number.

    Bad form, indeed. No regrets! Alas. Freedom for the time being to begin anew.
  12. I agree in this day and age you should have given 2 weeks or found something else first but it is your life and at the end of the day you have to be happy with your decisions, it's no one else's life. If you feel happier, then congrats

  13. Good for you man, do what makes you happy.
  14. It's hamtaro time

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