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Discussion in 'General' started by TrailBlazer, May 17, 2004.

  1. i recently acquired 5 750mg wellbutrin pills. i dont know exactly what they do so i havent taken them yet. does anybody know what they do and how much to take to get high from them?

    they have absolutly no recreational value
    they will give you a terrable stomache ache and a headache and make you nashous(sp)
  3. and make it so u cant get a bone until they wear off, and thats not from personal expirence thats from a friend so maybe im wrong and he cant get it up lol, but thats what i heard
  4. whats it do?
  5. its a really bad ant-depressent,
    they also use them to help people stop smoking. it takes away the satisfied feeling you get after smoking a cig... When I took wellbutrin I couldnt get stoned... it sucked!
  6. Hmmm... although i used to take wellbutrin and i smoked a lot of ganja....always got high....maybe it works differently with everyone...dunno my friend
  7. LOL, you callin me a liar? Punk!

    Im sure it has to with the individual, but I deffinatly had problems with it...
  8. yea my dad takes it to try and stop smoking, he says it just takes the fun out of smoking the cig, not make you not crave it...
  9. i took it as an antidepressant and still got stoned
    my dad took it to stop smoking cigs and couldn't get stoned
  10. I dont see why people take drugs to stop smoking cant some people just say no?
  11. As someone else said, do NOT take them. They have no fun value. Taking even 1 or 2 pills more than the prescribed dose can give you seizures.
  12. im sure thats exactly the reason ideal. there is no shame getting help with an addiction. I smoked cigarrettes for a while but never got hooked. I'm not sure even I would fare as well after 30+ years of smoking cigs. My dad tried to quit for years and failed. He went a week with the wellbutrin and hasn't had a cigarette in nearly 3 years. He smokes more weed than he did before, but thats fine with me :D
  13. i hate bringing back an old thread, but i took some of these just to see what it was like. i took 600mg. two pills swallowed whole and another cut in half. i didn't realize til later that they were sustained release, but yeh, i took em at like 3:30PM yesterday, and it really kicked in at 9:00PM, where i would feel as if everything was pushing against me and my feet felt like they were on a swing rocking back and forth. and the really wierd thing is from like 8:00PM - about 3:00AM this morning i didn't want to ANYTHING at all. not even sleep. i thought about going to smoke a bowl, i paced around my house and i decided fuck that i don't wanna smoke. and this morning as i type this, i'm still getting little spurts of those feelings of my feet swinging back and forth. yeh this definitely isn't a recreational drug, so i'd say fuck this shit, i'm never doing it again.
  14. yea, im prescribed that shit and it is sooooo fuckin wack. dont even try to get anything recreational out of it. and if for some reason its prescribed to you for any reason other than help quitin cigs, its pointless there too. all it does is make you a more aggressive person.

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