Discussion in 'General' started by ScHwAgStEr, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. At erowid.org, a reliable place to get info about drugs, they haveWellbutrin listed, does anyone know how much you have to take to get fucked up off it, also what kind of high is it?
  2. erowid usually has that type of stuff in the basic section, or maybe there a FAQ on there?
  3. I already checked they didn't have much info on it. I have the stuff but the pill bottle says discard after 1999, but it smells and looks alright, so do u think it 's still ok to take it?
  4. isnt wellbutrin like an anti-depresent or something? for grumpy depressed people? can you get fucked up off that?
  5. Don't take SSRIs to get high, don't.

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