Wellbutrin and smoking

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  1. I've recently been prescribed Budeprion (Generic for Wellbutrin) and my question is. For anyone else who takes this anti depressant, have you had any reaction when consuming THC?

    To be honest i really don't think i need an anti depressant (Maybe I'm just denying it sub consciously) but why should i put a drug into my body when i have no idea what exactly it is doing to my body. I know perfectly well what Cannabis does to my body and i believe i would function better from it than from any LEGAL drug on the market (in Ohio)...

    I only seem to be "depressed" when i'm not "high", but i think that is because i am more of an introvert while "sober" rather than when i smoke i become more inolved with the world around me...

    Any thoughts or ideas are more than welcomed

    thanks for listening to my aweful rant
  2. I took Welbutrin for a while. Even at the higher doses I never found it to react with weed. I smoked alot more when I was on welbutrin as well. If you where perscribed it you should give a chance for 2-3 months and see how you feel about it then. Don't expect results right away.
  3. yah doc has me on 1 per day (150mg) then after 2 weeks he's gunna up the dose. What are you taking now, if anything?

    Also how long did it take you to notice results?
  4. snort that shit
  5. haha no thanks, i like my brain cells how they are

    Atleast what is left of them....

    do people really snort wellbutrin? lol

  6. I take alcohol now. I drink my sorrows away lol.

    You should notice a difference in about a month. It takes time to get used to though. After a couple months you should be able to decide for yourself whether or not it is for you. Just takes time.

    Don't snort it. That's silly.
  7. I had been smoking for a considerable length of time when I was put on Wellbutrin. It is not a very 'clean' drug. I reacted to it badly as it affected my vision.

    Just a suggestion: Try to get Cymbalta prescribed for you. It is a much cleaner drug, a designer drug so to speak with little or no side effects for me at least. And I have tried a lot of them to finally find a good one. Cymbalta reduces my appetite though. But I have my mj for that.

    If you find you don't tolerate the Wellbutrin, I highly recommend trying Cymbalta before you go through hell trying to find a good ant-depressant.
  8. Thanks for the info man i appreciate it. How long were you taking it before you noticed your vision changing?

    i am somewhat anxious. I'd hate to have it affect my appetite since i am often around people who don't tolerate doing an illegal drug and i am also rather skinny as is...
  9. If you ever want to roll (take ecstasy) you need to stop taking that. SSRIs rewire your brain in the way they release dopamine and serotonin

    If you don't think you need an anti-depressant, then don't.

    Wellbutrin is an SSRI and that honestly rewires your brain. EVERYONE goes through ups and downs, if this is a serious down down then maybe you need it, if it's NOT, then I would NOT take it.
  10. i'm pretty much past my X days unless i stumble upon some pure mdma.

    Well i dropped outta school and i am having trouble finding a job, but i really want to go back to school. Been about 6 months, but i dont think that means i am depressed. I just want to do everything perfect and take my time...not what anyone else wants of me, or wants me to do...

    is that so wrong???

  11. I noticed blurry vision within the first week. It also made me rather irritable. Wellbutrin is (imo) is at the bottom of the list as far as effectively alleviating depression. It has more side affects associated with it's use, than it's worth. It is also used to quit smoking tobacco. I believe that was it's initial use.

    It would be well worth it and it won't make you anxious at all, quite the opposite actually. You can still eat and it may just be me. You don't want to be sexually disfunctional do you? Thought not.

    If you are just beginning to ride the anti-depressant merry-go-round, do yourself a favor and start with a good one. It could help you to get off the ride sooner than later. :)

    Oh, try a pocket vaporizer NOONE will know but you.
  12. Thank you so much for the info, i will definately have to look into vapos. So you recommend Cymbalta for a "good" one? What are the other Anti Depressants out there with good reviews?

    Also i told my doctor i wanted to quit smoking tobacco so i think that influenced him to put me on the wellbutrin...
  13. Don't take the Wellbutrin. You should just stand your ground. Then get to school. Time passes faster than you think. :smoking:
  14. I agree completely with you. I'm going to have to retake my ACT/SAT's if i want to go somewhere i really want to go for an exceptionally low price.

    This next bud, is for you Buzz :smoking:
  15. Thanks man. Let's bud up together ready? Puff, puff, pass. :p
  16. hehe one day it will be possible to cyber smoke....one day

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