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  1. So I figure I should just talk this out.

    My ex came back from vacation (broke up with her while she was gone), and is like 'Do I get to see you?'. I said 'I dunno, maybe'. Wake up in the morning to a facebook message saying "I need sex with you".

    I explained that it wasnt gonna get us back together, etcetc, and she's like, yeah, so?

    So is there a hidden agenda here? like did she pick up something crazy on vacation and is gonna screw me over? or am I overthinking it and I'm really fuckin' lucky?
  2. luckily for you.. you found yourself a fuck buddy.
  3. If you have any doubt's about her getting something while on vacation, use a damn condom. You NEVER know what she could have gotten into, especially since you two split while she was gone.

    But you could very well be a lucky man, but just remember to stand your ground if you don't want any strings attached. That's a gnarly web to get stuck into.
  4. Go insert your penis to her vagina and make sex
  5. DTA Don't Trust Anyone. But really....go lay some pipe.
  6. No you aren't lucky, no she doesn't want to be your fuck buddy. She thinks she is gonna get you back, really. Sometimes you think a way to a mans heart is through his penis.
  7. No...she doesnt just want to fuck.

    Heed the warning..avoid drama.
  8. women always have an agenda

    sounds strange, use a condom, and don't let it restart the relationship if you don't want it to.
  9. She only gets sex if she makes your sammiches and rolls your blunts
  10. And make sure you bring it and you put it on..just saying, I know girls that have put little holes in condoms trying to get pregnant to get back an ex.
  11. Honestly I wouldn't even get involved. The chance she actually just wants a fuck buddy is slim to none. If you have sex with her again there's a good chance you're going to have a stage ten clinger on your hands. I'd find a new girly to play with and forget your ex.

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