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  1. Lately i have been just feeling lost..like i have been looking for a job, no one ever calls me back, i never have no money, etc etc. Like i dont know what to do
    I have been going to comm. college since the beg of this semester to become a welder, it would take me two years, but i have had a change of heart. I have always been interested in the military branch, every since i watched "Hamburger Hill" on amc when i was a kid. Army was my first choice, but after doing a bit of more research im going to be joining the Army National Guard. I am very pleased by my own decision and i have never felt so serious about something. My friends aren't taking it so good tho, but the National Guard really isn't that bad, Marines and Army see more combat then National Guard, But how can i make them understand better? there hardheaded as hell. My girl supports me and im going to be telling my parents today, i all ready talked to my comm. college and figured what im going to do, hopefully fasfa don't make me pay any extra charges..What do you guys think??
  2. I'm going to thank you in advance for serving us. Good luck man.
  3. It's your life you don't need your friends approval..

    Simply tell them it's your choice and you would hope they respect you enough to respect your choices...

    Anyways good luck with whatever you do bruh...

    Nothing but good vibes..:smoke:
  4. If it's something you want for a cause you believe in, not just something you're doing as you currently feel a bit directionless (as it's a big decision...long lasting one too), then I'd say go for it, and not a single person should have any say on it.
  5. sounds like your trying the last resort scenario, but I support you non-theless I wish you all the best.
  6. Be a man. Join the Marines. :p

    Whatever path you take, make sure it's what you want no one else matters because it's not their life.
  7. i got a friend who is a welder and makes alright dough. it seems like every place in ny is looking for welders. going into the service will allow you to still go to school and have them pay for it.
  8. You could join the ROTC. You get paid while finishing school.
  9. Ya i looked into it and they have a real good benefits, its not really a last resort thing, Ive been thinking about it for quite awhile. Its something i really would like to do. Thanks everyone, GC is one place i can count on.:)
  10. Who cares what your friends say? They don't have to live your life, nor you, thiers.

    Good luck and Thanks for your Service
  11. we all remember what you did
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    Dude grow the f*** up. Seriously
  13. ^y so harsh bro?
  14. Dude you don't even know. Lol.
  15. refresh my mind?
  16. anyone find it funny that a stoner wants to joint the army because of a movie called "hamburger hill" lol:smoke:
  17. Lol, that's pretty funny but not just because the movie. Everything about the army sparks my interest, its a good program.:)

  18. stole someone else's harvest apparently.

    If you feel good about your decision man go for it, long as you go in with a open mind it can't be too bad.
  19. ya, preciate it

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