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whats the color of your eye's?

  1. Blue

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  2. Green

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  3. Brown

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  4. Hazel

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  5. Red

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  6. Other (please explain)

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  1. Here's a random question i just thought of, while sitting here replying to a post... :)

    What color are your eyes? An what color do you like best (may it be for you, your partner or just in general)
    I think a persons eye's are truly thier most beautiful feature...


    Personally, mine are bright slate blue ( blue grey mix) witha very small narrow vivid line of bright yellow just around my pupils, i like em.... :D

    an i know this thread has probably been done before, its just with all the new members.... i wanna hear what everyone has to say!

    edit:/ just vote on your eye color, simply listing the ones ya like will suffice.
  2. Mine are brown.... I'm full of shit!!! LOL :D
  3. Then I too......

    Am full of shit!! :D... Brown eyes here..
  4. depends, they are close to blue and green, so if i wear somthing blue they look bluer then usual and if i wear somthing close to green they they look green, but i guess they would be closer to blue in the end
  5. blue baby :) to accompany my blond hair! ;)
    though any eyes with a twinkle ;) ill fall for!!!
    ((possibly a pic to follow)) lol...grrrrrraaaavvvvy...lmao :) where are ya buddy!
  6. i chose other coz mine are gray...except when im high they turn green with some gold :p

  7. I got the eye's....to bad i don't got the gender....:D
    An im here, just happen to be sitting in intro to comp at the moment.... don't cha just love 8 a.m. class's....

    btw.... BAKED BEANS... ;)
  8. holy shit im late for work!!! baked beans!!!!!
  9. lol;)

    mine are blue. i love all color of eyes. eyes are the windows to our souls.(is that how it goes?) eh, i'm all buzzered up now.
  10. I've got redeyes. heh.
  11. hazel.

    i looooooooooooove blue eyes. or a really intense green.
  12. my eyes used to be a much lighter blue, but they've kinda dulled out a bit... I used to get people who would just come up to me at the mall and comment on my eyes... havent gotten it in awhile! they're usually half closed and blood shot half the time i guess...

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  13. hazel...brown, green,flecks of gold
    my girls have blue eyes and my son has gray ones.........
    i like any honest color best.
    you can tell alot about a person by looking into their eyes.
  14. Clear blue.....but noone ever notices because they're usually half closed
  15. blue-grey

    try this, goto a mirror and switch the light on and off while looking at the black bit, i've done this for aaaaages when stoned watching it shrink and expand !!! fun eh ?

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