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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ToKeN NiNja, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. Well....My great g-ma finally passed away 2 days ago...she was 99 smoked since she was 12 or so, up till the last couple of years...gotta go to the funerel 2morrow..i guess it was her time though....but can u imagine the changes that she went through in the world??!? born in 1904 - 2004...

    so anyways... i probably wont be postin here as much since i got busted and all that shit, no more stories to tell...but ill post every once in awhile and check wats up w/yall bladez...
    ohh yeahh btw withdrawls suck!

    -peace out
    ToKeN NiNja
    -and Keep on smokin!
  2. Sorry to hear about your grandma, RIP.

    You got busted? who by,the cops?
  3. Awwww, I'm sorry, ToKeN! :( 99 years is one hell of an adventure though. It was her time but it doesn't make it any less painful knowing that. I'll send some ~karma~ and cool vibes your way.

    Post when you can. We have posters who can't smoke right now and when I go on my breaks from MJ, I still post so hang around with us. You're a part of this stoner family whether your high all the time or not.

  4. Sorry about your grandma. At 99 years old she seen the best and the worst changes.. I'll bet she was one smart cookie..

    post when you can!
  5. I wish her well...I got a little confused there when you said she "finally" passed away, but anyway, peace

  6. ToKeN thought that she was going to pass away a week or so ago. Things got bad for her and the doctors weren't very optimistic from what I understand.

    *edit* More than a week or so actually...
  7. MAN.......... I really hate to hear about all the bad stuff happening to you lately man! They say, it's always darkest before the light. So hopefully this will be the darkest it gets for you. And I hope it gets as light, as it was dark for you. Like RMJL, I sending some karma and vibes your way. Just keep your head up and straight. Good luck and good vibes to ya!
  8. So sorry condolences.

    Ya don't have to be stoned to come onto the board....there are a few others...that are "involuntarily abstaining"

  9. coundnt of said it better my self...

    yea by the police...

    well the funerel was today...but teh nite was funn a little trashed right now..thanks every body for the good karma
    adn vibes...i was a lil depresed the othre day, and i plan on to keep postin ill just be one of the many non smokers who posts herre
  10. sorry man 99 years makes for one hell of a ride. sorry for u getting busted by the cops yeah keep posting well wishes to you and your family.

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