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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SirToppinHat, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Hmmmmmmm... I LOVE POT!!!!!! that about explains that. There is nothing i would rather do, than anything to do with pot. I love it so. Thinking about life without pot... to me... is like a cop without doughnuts. It just doesn't happen... and as long as people like me are around.... it won't. I haven't quite done it yet... but i have decided to devote my life to this fine plant.... every single thing in my life is somehow related to pot... i hope to someday make my living from marijuana(legally).. i want my kids to know it for what it is... not told by the schools and government agencies for what it isn't...

    But aside from my love for pot.... i'm twenty year old male, i love guitar, skateboarding, cooking, gardening... some people say that i'm very attractive... but i have yet to see what they see. I love to laugh... but most of all i like for things to have meaning... and seem to gravitate towards things of interest. Mostly pot... hehe.

    If you have ever looked at someone... and just become so lost in thought.. sometimes not even knowing what about... that everytime you see them, you forget what you were thinking... realizing you are only thinking of them now... that is how i feel about marijuana. Sitting and looking at my babies.... from watering and general care... is so theraputic for me... it's as if everything else in the world vanishes, and it's only me and my plants... that my friend is priceless, and so is the grass you grow for your own.
  2. hey, welcome, you grow your own plants? you gonna post pics?
  3. just as soon as i get a digi cam.... but not to long..
  4. Welcome to the stoner city!
  5. Welcome to the city!!!
  6. welcome, you sound like a fun and out going person, just like me:)
  7. Welccome to the City!!!!

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