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    Well done! You deserve it!

    In a effort to clutter up this new forum I'm throwing out a new thread on the same subject of playing music.

    Trumpet, Keyboards, but Bass is what I've done the most. When most people were going to college or getting a rung at the bottom of some corporate ladder, I was cruising the midwest in broken down vehicles, living to play, playing to live, starving artist type thingee, prone to starvation and respiratory diseases. Winter living in a van will change your mind about things. Oh! The stories I could go on about!
    But everytime I do, "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen starts playing in my head. Then I gotta go back on medication again.
  2. Thanks smokin! I can totally see you rockin out to Glory Days haha I sometimes see myself doing that too, time to put down the pipe! ;)

    My mom thought I was going to play in the San Francisco Symphony with a clarinet, but I thought the 'net was too nerdy, so I kept with the piano and now I don't have either one. ;( I still get to practice the piano when I visit my parents, whom I made promise me inheritance of. Now if I could just get the time & $ to learn guitar that's what I really want to do next...
  3. smokinokie....sounds like we have had alot of similar experiances in our "Glory Days"!! I look forward to reading some of those "stories" ya mentioned!! Ganjaphish, it's too bad ya felt "nerdy" playin' the net.....music lost to peer pressure! And in NO WAY do I mean to be critical, but if ya wanna play guitar, your gonna have to MAKE the time dah'lin!! Wouldn't it be cool if the music lovers(not excluding the non-players!) could get together for a big Jam & BLAZE session!!!! HaHaHa....what a PARTY that would be. Wishin' HIGH's to ya'll!!!!
  4. Jam n Blaze, and non-players could just blaze n blaze it'd be supa nice, wish I had a big backyard w/ a huge pool for the occasion alas it's raining and i have a teensy apt :)

    Anyhoo, I know I have to make the time, it takes patience and practice, none of which I have at this point in my life. I'm all about intstant gratification, so I just listen to music more than I create (unless you count shower singin').. wish I had at least a keyboard here to practice piano, last time I played for 2 hours and I was strugglin' :( can still play Imagine & a few Les Miserables pieces flawless but that's 'bout it.

    I loved the 'net, I really did, but my personality really screamed TRUMPET at the time, so I did that for awhile instead. Couldn't tell ya if I could still play one, tho :D

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