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well we all hate jury duty....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thelastkennedy, May 31, 2009.

  1. why not just have all the homeless people do it? you want food stamps? you're gonna do some jury duty........
  2. Possibly the most politically ignorant statement ever? Or were you joking?

    Homeless people do not qualify for food stamps, you have to have an address to apply for them.

    And good luck getting them their jury duty notices in Tent City.;)
  3. It would be hung juries abound
  4. We could maybe just let some prisoners do it?:hello:

    They have the most experience, usually.
  5. I just got a jury duty notice again a few weeks ago. I've served three times already, including Grand Jury. I obtained a medical excuse from my doctor, and I'll never have to serve again for the rest of my life.

    Juries should be made up of professional experts on the law, not the average citizen.
  6. Why taxpayers are the ones who pay for the prisons and jails.

  7. totally agree...unbiased experts.

    im sure the op was joking, i used to live in new york...most homeless people have some mental issues from what ive seen, i dont think they would make a good jury haha.

  8. When those taxpayers are forced to serve, and can't go to work, their lives are affected - not to mention the economy.

    I've been on juries with 18 year old kids who have as much right as any of us to come to a decision, no matter how little they know. Then you have people who have other obligations, such as a party to go to, and will vote innocent or guilty regardless of the facts just to go home early.

    On top of everything else, you're forced to assist in jailing people for drugs.

    Some people never get called to serve, while other like me and my wife get called over and over.

    The whole system is bad.
  9. Yes, jury duty sucks, but I fail to see the logic in making juries up of "professionals"

    You would be putting the power of a jury outside a group of the defendants peers. Enough of you hate the system and politicians anyway, how can you yearn for juries of people employed/tied to them? If you were on trial wouldn't you want at least a chance of someone like yourself on that jury?

    As Sublime4Life said, wouldn't you as a taxpayer want at least a bit of say into who you incarcerate?

    Yea, jury duty sucks balls, big meaty sweaty balls, but that idea to me only brings up reminders of colonial American outcry when their criminals would be shipped to England to sit in front of a jury of Englishmen, not colonists, surely not their peers.
  10. Jury duty = Jury nullification. The last time I got selected they didn't end up needing me me to serve, but I'd love to be a juror on a drug or tax trial.
  11. What? Have people that actually know what they're doing run something rather than dumbass Joe Sixpack?

    You are an enemy to democracy my friend! :p
  12. No point. The jury is the trier of fact. They don't have to be versed in the law because their job is not to do anything except decide what happened.

    Probably the better thing to do is subject candidate jurors to an assessment of their critical thinking abilities... without the lawyers, as in voir dire. Make it a pre-voire dire thing.

    Unfortunately, that would probably cause a juror shortage.

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