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  1. anyone ever use well water for their plants? I moved to a new location and that's what i have. My plants are way stunted after 5 weeks (3" tall 3 sets of leaves)..
    it's the only thing i've done differently and i've had some pretty nice grows in the past. My last plants were bigger than these at week 2 :(

    strains: NYC Diesel (soma), Sour Diesel (bag seed), Island sweet skunk (federation), Power Plant (Dutch Passion fem) all strains are stunted the same. None look any better than the others
    soil: Happy Frog (Fox Farm) 2:1 soil/perlite (this worked perfectly for my seedlings my last 2 grows)
    Runoff PH 6.3
    Water PH: 5.6 from the tap (well water) 6.5 after adding PH up (potassium Hydroxide based)
    Nutes: 1/4 str pure blend pro grow 3-1.5-4. 1/4 str Liquid Karma .1-.1-.5 both given after second week. I fed them at week 3 and week 5 (monday 9/17)
    Lights: 6x 23w (6500k) cfl 3" above the plants. Tried the 400w about 4' away MH but seemed like too much light so i switched to the cfl's
    Light cycle 1st 2 weeks 24/0 last 3 weeks 18/6
    Temps: lights off 72f Lights on 80f
    Humidity: 40-50%

    39x39 tent, 6" vortex fan exhaustin. 2x 6" passive intakes plus other passive intakes at the bottom.

    2x clip on fans circulating with a slight breeze on the plants.

    anyway i'm thinking of scrapping them and starting over using different water but i thought i'd check in and see if they're worth saving... I have extras of all the seeds (cept for the sour diesel :()


    the pic is a NYC diesel after 5 weeks :(

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  2. dood, whats the TDS/PPM of your water. mines almost 300 from the tap (well water also, but im more alkiline at 8.2PH) so adding a shit load of PH adusting hasnt stopped me (maybe its why my clones wont take though)

    anyway, my TDS starts out around 300 so i know there's all kinds of minerals and other random shit that makes it through my well filters.. maybe your starting with something like that. i had to pre filter my water softener, so i have 2 filters inline and i still ahve to change my pre filters every 2 months or so.....

    anyway, try looking there
  3. Im inclined to think its a potassium overdose from the PH up, you sure need to add ALOT

    before you scrap them, transplant to fresh soil, and test with bottled water, this should isolate the water issues
  4. the PPM of my well water (after filtration) is 100. I donno but i'm pretty bummed =/

    how ya been dude? Start that AUH yet? I've been smoking it the past month and it's pretty damn stoney!
  5. the seed was crushed in the mail, i tryed to start it, but no luck :(

    im trying to get a crop of clones to take hold so i can do a nice scrog grow, but no rooted clones yet :(

  6. thanx man i'll definately try that tomorrow.. i started a few new seeds and will use bottled water from the start and see how they do. I'll keep ya posted
    Transplant sounds like a good idea as well, i'm curious to see what the roots are looking like.
    appreciate it..


    PS awsome vid man! Learned a ton!
  7. shit that sux man.. maybe they'll send you another seed if you ask them :)

    GL w/ the clones man, i tried on my last grow and got 1/10 to root lol.. i'm gonna try the Mr Postman ice pop method next time (if my plants ever grow lol) seems pretty idiot proof.
  8. man i had such good luck the 1st time, clones grew no matter what. maye it was just that speed queen strain? or maybe my water pre filters need changing.. I'll definatly have to see if they can send me more, i'd love to have a giant in my closet (heheh)
  9. quick update.

    i kept the 4 healthiest plants (the ones i couldn't replace from seed) rinsed the roots off with some bottled water (PH 6.8).
    put them in some fresh dry soil and they've grown a new set of leaves already. Looking like that well water/excess PH up was the issue.
    germed another dozen seeds of various strains and will just continue to use bottled water on those.
    thanx ganja and mordgrow for the help.. much appreciated,

  10. glad to hear they are doing better

    good job

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