well this will be my last post for awhile

Discussion in 'General' started by charlie067, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. hey guys and girls this will be my last post hear at the city for awhile a long while.i will still come to the city and read other posts and i will still be a member of the city but i will not post again for a while due to some things that have to do with cops calling my house and u know just that kinda stuff so um ganna jus kinda lay low for awhile dont want to get busted growin.
    wish me the best of luck so i dont get cought :) i'll always be here reading shit at the city.i may post once in awhile but im afraid i can no longer talk about growing in the public forums im only going to be talking to very few ppl here at the city i will be private msging them for the next few months after shit kools down i'll be back to talk in the forums
    wish me luck

  2. damn man! I'm sorry to hear that, I hope the shit settles down right away. good luck hombre
  3. hope it will all turn out for the good!


  4. yes, good luck. never be a stranger!
  5. HIGH All, hey charlie067 watch your back...sometimes a friend isn't a friend....don't be gone long.
  6. Good luck!!!!!

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