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Well this sucks...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xerbia, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. The rents left for the weekend and I planned on getting hella high all day and going out later, but I awoke with the worst sore throat i've ever had. No i'm not sure if I should smoke since it will iritate it more. I used that vicks spray that numbs your throat and it kinda helps, any other suggestions?
  2. Do not smoke unless you want an incredibly sore throat and a coughing fit which will cause a choking feeling after every hit. Do however, vaporize or make an edible such as a firecracker, and get stoned.
  3. yeee

    nothing better. or make some edibles
  4. canna-peanut butter. just do edibles and you will get a longer buzz goin for ya
  5. I have a sore throat too but i am smoking so much i dont remember
  6. Drink OJ with pulp. Have like 2 or 3 glasses in this hour and you should be in the clear!

    And cough drops, just to mellow that cough.
  7. i've smoked when ive have a sore throat. Its not even bad, I never even hesitated. You're not going to be coughing if you just hold it in right in your lungs. If you can take the initial slight pain from the hit then it just goes away. Atleast for me I don't know how long you've been smoking. But it doesn't hurt lol.
  8. sometimes when i get realy sick or have a really bad sore throat i put some nyquil or robertasium in the sweet. fill the blunt about 3/5ths with weed and pour a few drops along the buds, then cover it up with weed. make sure you dont get any f the juice on the cigar , or mini blunt, not a cigerello bc it will soak it if your not carefull and it will more more differcult to roll it.

    almost right away you will notice your soar throat is going anway and a differnt high
  9. Don't give him that advice here.

    If you have a vape, use that. It helps me relieve my throat pains.

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