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  1. ~Disclaimer: I wrote this for the fun of it ,so don't read it if your looking for something super interesting. ~


    Getting snack at fred meyers, i'll be right back

    That's what I had wrote. As soon as I was done writing this note, I put it in front of my moms door, just in case she woke up and went outside her room. This wasn't exactly normal behavior for me, but since I was living almost full time with my dad, I assumed that she would just blow it off considering she doesn't know my current habits.

    As I stood up after placing the note in front of her door, I quietly tip toed down the hall and back into my room, grabbing my freshly made (and I dare say my best to date) joint, made from around a large of pretty nice quality weed. I also pocketed my cell phone, wallet, knife, and keys.

    I walked out of my room and closed the door behind me softly. The creak of the door was like an dolphin during the mating season. I was startled yet subtly happy that the house was as excited as I was. My heart still thumping from the startling noises, I went down to the front door and slowly undid the dead bolt and small lock. I turned the door knob at a exceedingly slow speed, as I did not want a confrontation of the momma bear.

    I quickly but quietly stepped out and closed the door behind me. As I stepped off the porch, I was met with the cold night air that was slightly tainted by the tantalizing smell of cigarettes. This is a good night to hit some mary jane, I thought to myself.

    My shoes made little sound on the pavement as I briskly walked down the street in the general direction of the Fred Meyers grocery store. I looked around me for cops and other people, but I also was looking for a place to toke it up. My hands rested inside the middle pocket of my sweatshirt but my left hand idly played with the smooth joint. I had rolled this joint more slim then usual, to about the diameter of a cigarette, so I would be able to pass it off as a cigarette at a distance. Regardless of this however, I wanted to find a semi secluded place.

    I walked down the street slightly zig zagging to get a good lay of the land. As I approached the main highway, I looked up and down this intersection, and I realized that it was too busy this time of night to smoke there. I turned around and walked back, my shoes making soft pift pifts on the pavement. I quickly spun around, furious that I couldn't find a spot.

    The sound of tires from behind me alerted to the fact a BMW SUV was pulling out of a lot. I though nothing of the vehicle as it seemed as if it was just turning around. I crossed the street onto the side where the parking lot was located. I then stepped onto the curb and walked in a straight path towards a small business building that had what looked to be a promising alley in the back. There were street lights that light up the alley, but I thought since it was so secluded from the road that it would be okay.

    I took the joint out of my pocket and quickly started to light it with my fire device. I burned off the twist at the top and took the first hit off my wonderful joint. It was harsh, yet so exciting and freeing, and I started to feel content that in 10 minutes time, I would be floating apon this world.

    This is really grand, finally I get to smoke., I thought to myself. As I reached to relight my joint, i heard the crinkle of tires on pavement again. I thought about it for a split second, then realize it must just be another car passing through. However I heard the sound getting closer, and I knew something was up. Was I busted? Was it the cops?

    Fucking mother whore, shit. If this is the fucking cops...., I spouted in my head. I turned around and was greeted by the alerting sight of a car, but fortunately not a cop car. It was that same silver BMW SUV as before. I saw them pulling up to the alley and I held my light in one hand and my joint in the other, concealing them from the people inside. I then slowly put my hands by my side and slipped both objects into my pockets. I acted like there lights where blinding me, and I strained to see them, trying to act how a normal person would. I came up beside the passenger window, and it rolled down like a predator scoping out its prey.

    "Hello?" I asked, trying to act calm as I faced a quite evil looking woman.

    "Are you aware that this is private property?" She asked quickly and angrily, as if I had just broken her favorite toy.

    "Oh it is?" I questioned slowly, "I'm sorry to disturb you."

    "Do you live around here? What were you doing here?"

    "No I do not, sorry. I was just taking a nighttime stroll," I tried to say smoothly.

    "A nighttime stroll?" She asked rudely, obviously implying she didn't believe me.

    "Yes, have a nice night." And I walked behind the car and back toward the grocery store which closed at 11 pm. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time, it was 10:32. Shit, I gotta get something before it closes, I thought. I need a place to smoke!

    I continued to walk towards the grocery store and stopped myself from looking sketchily over my shoulder. I knew the BMW would be far behind me. I crossed the street and walked into the parking lot, and saw the BMW drive past on the main road. fucking bitch, now where am I supposed to smoke? I asked myself. God damnit, fucking bitch 'this is private property' my fucking ass. How fucking sketch is this night, jesus. Where the fuck am I supposed to go, I thought, looking around angrily.

    There! I saw the perfect place around the corner of the grocery store building. I had seen people smoke there on their breaks, so I knew it wouldn't be out of character if I went and had a smoke. I quickly walked around the corner and immediately pulled out my supplies and went to work. I quick hit the joint over and over while the entire joint cherried. I coughed but forced myself to keep taking hits, so I could get it over with.

    After I hit the roach, I tossed it on the ground and stamp on it with my feet. I didn't feel high yet, but I knew it was coming. Walking back around the corner, I smelled my sweatshirt and made sure I didn't reek of weed. I was good to go, so I went inside the store and bought some iced tea and licorice for the grand total of $2.57.

    It was time to head home, so I walked back across the parking lot and that's when it started hitting me. What a creeper! As I walked back along the road towards my house, I continued to get more and more high, and when I finally got back to my door, I was ripped. I tried to quietly open my door, but it didn't work out too well. As I crossed the threshold and I went to my mom's bedroom door, the note there untouched. Sweet, she didn't even wake up, I thought, my head swimming in an ocean of pleasure.

    I shouldered my door open, ripped open the package of licorice, and sat on my computer chair. I leaned back with a piece of licorice in my mouth and thought, Mission accomplished. Then I woke my computer up and opened firefox and clicked the Grasscity Forums bookmark on my tool bar. I thought about sharing my lame story of nosy people and clicked the "real life stories" sections. I clicked the "New Thread" and then wrote the following story:

  2. Sweet story dude. It still rocked even though it wasnt amazingly exciting.
  3. post in the correct fucking forum

    for fucks saaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!
  4. This is the correct forum, lol. Its a true story, I just decided it to write it like a book.

    @th3dop3, thanks bro :D
  5. I dunno man, that was like THE definition of a real life story. To the op, brilliantly written + rep for a nice story.
  6. Thanks man, first thing I've wrote while baked :)

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