Well this is not good ........ Help me before its to late

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  1. I have 6 plants that are one week into flowering. 3 of them are doing great 2 of the 3 i transplaned into regular soil a while ago the rest are in that shitty miricle grow soil :mad: one of the miricle grow ones is doing great however the other 3 arent.

    I have a 400 watt HPS about 17 inches above the plants. I am useing Scotts plant food every other time i water. My ph is 6.9-7.0. To make matters worse the sick plants i think are females but i dont know what im looking for ......... Take a look at the pic and see what sex you think it is

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  2. I just can tell the sex based on those PICS. I assume your soil has fertilizer added in it already? I have seen this curling/cupping many times before and it usually indicates Nitrogen toxicity (too much). Also, make sure you are not watering too much. Water only when the soil is dry at least an inch deep. Therefore, I think you could have 2 potential problems; over- watered but most likely to much N.
  3. So should i try transplanting them into regular soil this late in the game ?

    I dont think they will make it if i dont do something.
  4. So what type of MG soil is this? If you are going to do any transplanting, I would do it no later than the second or third week into 12/12. How are you testing the soils ph? Have you tested the PH run off water at all? Is that Scott's plant food liquid or water soluable? Either way I would back off to every third watering for now until we figure out for sure what is wrong.

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