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Well, this has to suck

Discussion in 'General' started by MX6 Jon, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Well, thats too bad...Though I have often considered doing one very large grow to last me a while..Like a full room with lots of shelves and tables...then get a vacuum sealer, and yer good to go :)...
  2. since when is one plant worth $1000?

    thats like what, an ounce :rolleyes:
  3. no kidding...i spend like 80 bucks on an ounce
  4. Wasnt so smart...she should just have been like, oops wrong number, n they wouldnt have cared. now she is in jail for quite a long minute. Im sure shes gonna be hatin 411 for quite awhile
  5. she didnt get arrested.
  6. wha? had 75 plants n didnt get arrested?
  7. lol..did you even read the article?!?!?!

    the two guys did..but she didnt.
  8. lol, kinda, I browsed it :p
  9. id like to grow two plants to the best of my ability and keep them for personal stash, and buy some mids to share with everyone.
  10. yeah, if i ever grew, it wouldnt be massive, just for fun...plus id be able to provide individual attention to each plant very easily:D

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