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Well that was fun! Quitting.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by New_Grasses, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hey all,
    Decided that when I was high I was not having a good time. I lost who I was, who I am. Everyone has a different reaction when high and I am not in any way negative about the plant. But it has done it's work and I'm much happier because of it. Thanks to ganja, I have:
    Lost 30+ pounds
    -Made many, many friends
    -Gained financial independance
    -patched broken relationships with parents/other friends
    -done very well in school
    -decided not to go immediately to college, and now will be going traveling in europe, the middle east, and north africa playing music to survive
    -appreciated my past, appreciating my now, and looking forward to appreciate the future.
    -had amazing sex
    -had not so amazing sex
    -learnt to draw
    -made many musical breakthroughs, and decided my love for music will fuel me wherever I want to go.

    so, I thank this plant for lifting me out of myself enough to see what I wanted to do, and making me do it. Thank you!


  2. Im confused... so when your high your not having a good time but you are saying all these great things that happened because of it.
  3. You'll be back...
  4. uhh didnt alot of hippies travel on the power of music? idont think that works now days bro. lol
  5. Of course he means he is just taking a t-break :)

  6. He doesn't have a good time while high anymore
  7. I wouldn't go as far as quitting, but i really hope you are just taking a t-break...
  8. Not to be mean but...
    I don't see why you chose to post this... How does this relate to anyone but yourself? Go tell someone you know/care about and maybe they'll choose to discuss this with you...
  9. This post is so contradicting. don't know what to make of it. :confused:
  10. Haha see it's funny the way weed works. It's not addictive.. But you'll be back. Trust me you'll realize how much better life was with it. Especially if you're traveling the world on the power of music. Good luck mayne.

  11. for sure. every1 does. and especially if youve had all this great shit happen because of it
  12. Well done, OP.

    Good luck with the rest of your life.
  13. I trust that YOU WILL BE...hold on a second:bongin:...BACK!!! :wave:cya soon.
  14. Cmon guys, it's not that hard (that's what she said :D)

    The guy found pot, it did cool stuff for him, he liked it. But after awhile, he stopped enjoying being high, despite what it did for him before. So now that it is no longer making him feel good, he's going to stop smoking it. What's so hard to understand?

    It's like having a girlfriend you loved and had great times with, but the spark is gone and you don't really like each other anymore so you call it quits. It was good, great even, but it isn't anymore.

    If you're doing something that makes you feel like shit, even though it used to make you feel good, why continue to do it? Again, it's like staying in the shitty relationship that used to be great.

    Not everybody who stops smoking picks it up again, that's ridiculous. LightAnother has it right.

  15. Good luck on your journey brotha!
  16. I must admit I was a bit surprised by some of the comments. But maybe I can clarify:
    When I get high I would get above myself, and look down. I spent a long time really not liking myself, so getting high felt really nice, an escape if you will.

    But, now I am beginning to like myself, so when I get high I just feel bad because I feel like I might be going backwards on my progress made.

    May I re-clarify that everyone has a different reaction to pot? This is mine, and I had a damn good one too. If people felt dare-I-say-it offended enough to reply to a post saying strangers know me better than I do, than screw off and I'm seriously disappointed in the responses I got.

    For those of you who didn't try to predict my future, I thank you.
    In response to imperitive, this is a forums, where people post things about themselves in relation to pot. :confused: But I'm sure your logic suits you just fine

    In response to getajob. I've traveled on music alone before. The primary reason people think it can't be done is because they haven't tried, or are shitty musicians.

    AHM OUT! night city.

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