Well that was exhausting.

Discussion in 'General' started by Knucks, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. I just spent the last two hours talking my closest friend out of killing herself. When I called she had already taken 10-20 pills (She lost count. She said it was some kind of asprin. She had planned on taking alot more.) and was about to take 20 vicodin. But I talked her out of it. She's been suicidal before, but I honestly think she would have gone through with it had i not called her.

    I try to tell her that there is so much to live for (yea, i know, typical response) and try to help her get past her problems. But no matter what I say, she still hurts, and that hurts me. I really don't know what else to say to her, and I worry that she'll do this again. And the worst part is, she will not go see a doctor. Any advice?

    please send some karma/prayers her way. anything will do.

  2. Thanks. We do get high every couple of weekends. She seems to love it. Maybe I could make up a little care package for her, hehe.

    I don't see why someone would want to kill themselves either, that's why it's a bit hard to talk her out of it. I just don't understand.

    Life seems so precious right now. I think it's time to smoke a bowl and relax. :)
  3. Maybe getting high wouldn't be too good for her, as it can lead to depression (from withdrawal). Especially since she OD'd, probably should stay away from drugs for a little while. I send my prayers.
  4. Karma is on it's way.
  5. Crap man, dunno if this sounds weird coming from me(lol), I been sucidal before, and it does help to have someone always there for you, when i lost contact with most of my mates, had no job nothing to live for it took my mates coming back to pick me up(i never told them so shh lol)

    But way to go, just keep your eye on her :)

  6. When things get THAT bad you'll do anything to get out of it,my theory was that everything sucks im gonna die one day and if i end it all they'll be no mental pain anymore, its alot easier to understand when u've been walking that wire.

    ppl minds work differnt so ppl will alwasy do what seems like "stupid things", we just gotta be there to put them stright
  7. I urge you, nay I implore you to try and get her to see a
    mental health professional. A social worker, a psychiatrist,
    anyone. She badly needs help. Anyone who is actively
    suicidal needs professional help. Go to her parents if
    necessary. I'm sure they'd rather have her in a hospital, if
    that's what it takes, than in a grave.

    I know. I've been hospitalized five times for Major Depression.
    I've been actively suicidal before. Many times. Hell, I've
    even had a psychotic break.

    Be there for her, talk to her, support her. But get her help
    any way you can. This is bigger than you can handle alone.
  8. Honestly, you cant do anything better than what blix just said. If you Go to high school tell a councelor, or if your school ha s a suicide problem, they usually have hotlines.
  9. I'm with blix on this one. It must be a big one tho, i mean if theres blix,stonedwolf AND me on it. :p
  10. i used to be really suicidal, but never got to actually attempting it... after a while i realized how stupid i was.

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