Well that was awkward

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  1. Just had to do a deal for my uncle while he's away, £70 for a quarter ($140?) with some gangster guy (I'm quite far from "gangster" myself) just outside Wembley stadium.

    So I'm waiting at the wrong place, we agreed at the bus stop outside, but he meant another bus stop. So he's been shouting my name out his car whilst I'm on the phone to my uncle telling me that he's shouting my name out, then he pulls up infont of me looking all pissed off shouting me name, so I quickly get off the phone, and wait about 30 seconds to cross the road while he's getting stressed, then finally jump in the car.

    I apologise profusely (as he's not the kinda guy you want to get on the wrong side of) and we do the deal. He sticks the money in his pocket and i put the stuff in mine, then we chat for a little, until he pulls the money out and sees theres only £60! =/

    I was so stoned last night setting up the deal that I thought it was only £60! So by this time he's really pissed off. So he rings my uncle and says "How much did we agree?" (I'm shitting myself right now preparing my funeral in my head) then he passes the phone to me and my uncle and I have a little "No you said.." "no you said.." Then finally the dealer said it's ok, leave it til next time.

    So I was like "cool thank you, really sorry" and got out the car, finally walked towards the station, when he comes back out of nowhere and nearly runs me over! Not intentionally, but it must have made him want to!

    So thats my story.
  2. You should have told him: "That's all you get for being an impatient pansy."


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