well that didnt work to well

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. i was all like "sweet, i'm jus gonna put my weed in an altoids box and put it right on my desk so its super inconspicous, and today my dad finds my weed while gettin some pop cans off my desk... wat the fuck haha its still in the altoids thing to right there
  2. i just experienced a rollercoster of emotions /sarcasm

    oh well,in any trouble?
  3. haha, did he take any? haha
  4. haha wat you mean rollercoaster of emotion n sarcasm

    and no he aint take any

    but he got all pissed off n was like "what are you doin with that" n i jus said "smokin it" n laughed cuz i was high haha, he got super pissed then n told me he aint lettin me use his car n shit so i gotta buy one but its all good, i can buy a car in like 2 weeks n i'll have my license back by then
  5. Word, luckily my parents dont come in to clean my room anymore. Once I started leaving dip spit bottles all over the place my mom just decided to stay the hell outta my room, lol.

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