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  1. Alright, so by now I'm sure you all know about the rollover I was in a few weeks ago. Lots of shit has happened since then but I'm not going to bore you all, I'm just going to get straight to the point.

    I was out with the family, supposed to be a relaxing day. Fishing, having a campfire, etc. So there I was, relaxing in my hammock, when the knot holding the string to the ring on the end of the hammock came loose, slamming my back hard on the ground.

    Well holy fucking shit did that ruin our trip... I could barely move, but managed to get myself into the car and hauled ass back into town, but I asked to go to the hospital first just to make sure nothing broke.

    Went to Emergency. Now, when you hear the word "emergency", what does that imply to you? Here, I'll give you two options...

    1) Urgent, in need of care immediately or ASAP
    2) Sit in a plastic chair making the pain in my back even worse for well over 2 hours?

    So I said fuck it after the second hour and went home. I can't turn my head to the left even half of the radius I usually can and I have trouble getting out of bed without a sharp pain shooting through my back.

    The only thing that helps is the muscle relaxants I'm prescribed.

    Oh, and to all you smart-asses who are going to say "weed is better for you, do that instead", all I can say is I'm trying to get a med card, but I don't want weed to become a crutch for me like it was before I quit smoking like a chimney. Plus, this pain is way beyond what even the dankest of dank could possibly cure.

  2. that sucks. my mom has alot of back problems and has had to have alot of back surguries. shes actually gonna have to have another one soon probably. your spine is no fuckin joke. but what did you do to your back in the first place?

  3. Fell asleep at the wheel while driving (driving a good 14 hours straight), rolled my car over 4 times, broke my best friend's neck and I got some serious whiplash. :(

    GC is my place of solace right now. I've been diagnosed with PTSD and I'm trying to cope.
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    That really sucks man. I would definitely go to the hospital and wait to see whats wrong. Could have some serious damage that your not aware of. Might be a wait, but it'd be better knowing nothing is wrong then worrying yourself in the future possibly. And if shit is fucked up, you'll know about it.

    And don't debunk the herbs medicinal powers just yet. Plenty of people smoke it on a daily basis for medicinal purposes. If it helps with the pain, then why not? better then pumpin the stomach full of pills. But it's your choice so can't really be like "DO this now" I wouldn't think you'd be using it as a crutch, you'd be using it as a medicine. Weather you see it as a crutch of not for medicinal purposes i can't say so ehh.

    Good luck to ya man. Hope everything turns out well.
  5. that is fucked up. i hope you get better.
  6. i would have been like "im fuckin bleedin here bitch, give me a band-aid"

  7. Thanks. :D Had X-Rays just yesterday, so it's just bad timing on my part.

    But I'm going to try and stay neutral on the weed thing. You have got to realize, this is a weed forum, so of course people are going to say it's one of the better things to do. However, a lot of people don't realize how good some of these drugs actually are too. Though Benzodiazepam is a physically addicting drug, it helps nerve pain and muscle spasms like you wouldn't believe!:eek:

    Believe me, this isn't something I plan on doing for the rest of my life, so don't worry about that.;) Just until I get fixed up. Well at least I'm getting health insurance out of this.

  8. Fuck you man, that made me laugh so hard it gave me back spasms! :laughing:
  9. my bad lol
  10. Glad to hear about the X-Rays.

    It is a weed forum. And that being said, there are some pretty good drugs made by pharmaceutical companies I will admit. Just making sure you know your options.

    Keep us updated good Sir.
  11. Will do, my friend. :D

    Have yourself a great evening, and may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

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