Well she lost my vote.

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  1. Aside from her brilliant Idea of the WASL she gave me this response when i asked her how she felt about legalization of marijuana. . .

    Thank you for contacting Governor Gregoire with your proposal to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

    The Governor does not support the legalization of marijuana. She encourages expanding the availability of drug treatment, including drug courts and similar programs that use the authority of the criminal justice system to get drug abusers into treatment. She also supports effective drug prevention programs like those we fund in our state budget.

    Short-term effects from marijuana can include memory loss and difficulty learning, thinking, and problem solving. Users can lose coordination and experience distorted perception, anxiety, and paranoia. Regular use can cause many to give up interests in school, work, activities, friends, and family, as well as have unprotected sex. In the long-term, marijuana can cause cancer, breathing problems, and damage to the immune system.

    Under state law, certain patients can use medical marijuana with a doctor's prescription. However, marijuana in any form is still illegal under federal law.

    Again, thanks for your message.


    Gary Fugere
    Constituent Services Manager
    Christine O. Gregoire
  2. Gotta love the propaganda, eh?

  3. fuck her we don't need bitches like that
  4. awesome :hello:
  5. marijuana can cause cancer

    Yeah, but it will give you the ability to turn everything you touch into gold.

    Oh, we can only make up reasons against marijuana use?
  6. You're a one-issue voter huh?

    I didn't think they really existed, but there you go!
  7. no there are a few other reasons such as the Wasl tests and other Washington state school testing programs that she has created. That e-mail was just the last thing i needed to realize that she is ignorant. I dont appreciate your assumptions.
  8. sounds a lot better than some of the side effects that i see in the TV ads for these legal drugs.
  9. Since ive stopped smoking my memory has improved, I am learning easier at uni, my thinking is clearer and less depressive and my problem solving has improved :hello:. Tho I am aware weed affects people differently, some people smoke everyday of their life and are very smart and you cannot tell they smoke.

  10. I don't think I could vote for someone that believes that stuff.
  11. ^^^ like i was saying just proves her ignorance and that can carry over to many other issues.
  12. Not sure if this is sarcastic, but there are numerous one issue voters.
  13. slap a ho... obviously shes never taken a puff of marijuana..
  14. "She's not my governor."
    Love those bumper stickers.

    Wonder what Rossi's stance is.
  15. I emailed him too but got no response.
  16. I always fuck random girls in the ass when I am high.......

  17. I want to see documentation of the actual studies completed and whom conducted these studies and when that determined all of the negative effects of MJ use as stated above.

    I personally dont beleive it exist nor do I beleive the studies have been done that came to the conclusions listed above.

  18. pineapple express shows why marijuana is illegal.

    item 9* lol

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