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Well O.F.F.F. to

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. get DRUNKer.

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  2. Good idea, I gotta get my ass to walmart to get more beer. My pre-game beer won't be enough because apparently there is no game. Smoke, drink, find chicks, and be merry.
  3. rock on sid! :D


    exactly ;)

  4. Actually, there is still hope of finding a 'game'!!
  5. Australia v Zimbarbwee :D
  6. Unoit................. you are doing what I do to pass the day.. Didn't dop much of that today though... Meetings and work kept me out till 15 minutes ago!!!!

    There has to be a game... We have to find out who the worst team is!!!!!!!lol
  7. sensi, i didn't know i was in this thread, lol......"rock on Sid!" beer, haven't seen that stuff for a while, we used to get labatts ice, and some other type, but never in cans like that, they look cool.........Peace out.......Sid
  8. wow im so high... were am I? Who am I? Who are you nice people? Pot? Yes... pot...

    hehe... im st0ned :)
  9. HIGH All, well glad that is over!!!! I hate it when Rocdog makes plans and you have to go along with it. I'm more of a stay at home me it was just another day. Now I have to sit here with this brain pain...smoked a joint but it's still here...thinking about grabbing a pussy to see if it'll make it go away...but shit 7:20 in the morning, Rocdog would think I have a drinking problem *LOL*.

    GOOD MORNING GRASSCITY!!!!!! ooowwww that hurt.
  10. I'ts good top see you got through the night... Hang overs can be a big pain at times for sure...

    Wehn you get your head on your side again.. Remind it to let you know next time so you'll stop just short of the hang over!!!!!!

    Good morning to you and the rest of the city!!!!!!!
  11. HIGH All, *LOL* that's easy to say now BH...but when people are giving you shooters left, right and center..what do you do.

    Paralyzers and slippery nipples were being pour down my throat...(((((((Shudders))))))). Woke up this morning and felt like someone shit down my throat *LOL*.

    Well past on the I'm having Carolans and coffee....which I must say taste pretty good right now.

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  12. now that's a drink closer to home.......i love that stuff, i prefer dubliner, baileys is just as good but very overpriced........Peace out........Sid

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