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  1. sorry to take up forum space. but im not sure what a moderators inbox here looks like and frankly im not even sure who to pm to begin with. i tried sending an email to the forum master at the email provided for account deletion but it's been well over a month so i guess its not happening. no worries though, i'd just like to see it taken care of sooner rather than later.

    anyway it's been.. interesting here. its my personal belief that the internet, in most instances, especially those in e-forums, provide nothing more than a temporary escape from the real world and real interactions with human beings. the web is probably the most detrimental thing to the human psyche and ambition that anyone is ever exposed to in their lifetimes and for that reason, i've found, for me, the most healthy thing i could do for myself right now would be removing myself from internet activity.

    i understand that drama comes in all mediums. however, id prefer to reserve the brunt of those encounters with actual human beings in the REAL world and not those who (seemingly) only exist in the cloud of anonymity and fabrication that is the internet.

    this isn't your lives people. internet addiction (benign, in most cases) exists and the more and more time you spend on here and other interactive, aggressive environments, the more your soul (if you believe there exists such a thing) is ripped apart. dramatic as it may sound, it's a truth for many people and though you might be in denial of the power the internet has over many of your own lives, there stands truth in what i say.

    im not in any way suggesting that members of this forum follow my example by deleting their own accounts, i do not (contrary to what my prior statements may have implied) believe this website to be an inherently evil (if you also believe such a thing exists) place to begin with, and may serve in more than one way as an outlet for many of those seeking companionship and interaction with others sharing similar interests, but for others its nothing more than an escape and ego-aggrandizing institution that distances you further and further from the lives you should be living with real people.

    im not here to make judgments, god knows im absolutely no one to judge. but if anything i've said here hits home for you i'd advise taking an unbiased look at your activity and interactions both here and beyond this website and really ask yourself if this is how you want to spending your life, interacting with strangers that wont know your name a year from now. dependency can be a hard thing to recognize, but if you are visiting this site multiple times a week, even days, it might be time for a good dose of a reality check. hard as it is to admit it, many of the people you think you know here and on other sites, regardless of the amount of time you've "known" them, are impostors and frauds. they do not care about you. im sorry to be frank but unfortunately its the cold hard reality of the situation that there exist many-a-person in this quaint world we live in that would like nothing more than to deceive you into thinking they are someone they are not, for purposes of either fueling their own deluded realities they have created for themselves, or in other instances, to serve an array of more perverted and sinister ends in mind..

    anyway, i appreciate the time and what i have learned here and if i had the option of erasing my presence here entirely from my existence, i would not. but fortunately i now recognize at this point it's time for me to leave and not return, period. thank you to all those that have shown me kindness of this website, i wish nothing but the best for ALL members of this community and success in all endeavors of your lives, your real lives.

  2. Not judgemental, really? :confused:

    Who made you King of The World? :poke:
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    thank you, obviously the entire point of my post was to reinforce that i am, indeed, king of the world.

    but was the neg really necessary? just a little boot in the ass on the way out the door huh? wonderful, im glad it affirmed the e-dominion you believe yourself to possess and boosted your (probably) healthy self esteem. cheers.

  4. Yep it was totally necessary. This is for website feedback. Who do you think you are giving feedback on users?! Like you're helping us?! So arrogant.

    You'll be off now then huh? :):wave:
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    perhaps if you read my post from a non-defensive standpoint you would procure a far different perspective and rationale to my post, rather than the 'you-all-are-pathethic-etards' one that you seem to have interpreted.

    concerning the unwarranted rudeness you've shown me here and in the reputation comments; i'm not in the business of making others feel inferior (although, like most, i have my slip ups) and am not going to engage further by replying in a negative way, or rather, in any way at all beyond this.

    take care, sincerely. :wave:
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    :laughing: Ya, ok then. Bye :wave:

    I'm gonna go review my life and have a long hard think about what you've said. :) :laughing: :p
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    ok i realize im going against what i said previously by posting this, but i honestly just had to ask/state: is this the level of condescension with which you speak to others in real life?

    you've been reasonably rude, but even i have a hard time believing you are this abrasive and offputting in your every-day interaction with people, which is exactly the underlying message of my initial post, although i admittedly may not have articulated it as well as i should have.

    my final message is this:

    if there is a discrepancy between the person you are in real life and the person you put forth online, you have a problem and the ONLY way to regain even an inkling of your humanity is by (in a most cases) limiting your amount of interaction online to far below the rate at which you are normally using it, and in some cases (like my own) eliminating it almost completely. there is no other way. the allure of anonymous interaction with seemingly no consequences CHANGES people and brings out the worst.

    i'll leave you with this to ask yourself, afterward feel free to compensate for your obvious insecurities by antagonizing me further with obnoxious posts in a desperate attempt to get me to reply, it matters little to me: can you think of any post whatsoever that you have made whether on this site or another that you would not be comfortable with your mother, your father or your boyfriend reading? if the answer is yes, you have an internet addiction and you need to own it. i have.

    i never, not once, painted myself as the knight-in-shining-armor thats here to save the naive townsfolk from the evil internet dragon, that wasn't my point, and if thats what you got from my post it speaks more of your ignorance and denial of your own dependency than anything.

    if even ONE person reading this finds truth in what i have said and it makes them realize that the interactions and very-real words and emotions they put forth and receive online effect WHO they are and become in the real world, then my post was completely worth it. why do you think there is such an elevated level of depression, anxiety and SUICIDE in teenagers and adults across the world than has ever been observed in our history?? there is a link, whether you deny it or accept it there is a link.

    take it for what you will, im done explaining myself.

    thank you to the moderator who takes the time to delete/ban me, which was my initial intention of the thread regardless of the tangents it went on.

  8. Wow.

    This thread is weird. :smoke: Look man, I thought you came across as arrogant, no biggie. No matter what you are saying, this is not your medium to vent about how people use this site.

    If you are so sure of what you know, then why are you still posting? Surely easier to just leave. :confused::)
  9. If you wanna move out you can move out easily. There is no reason to create any drama unless you are upset about something. Unfortunately there is not much we can do.

    Maybe your delete request was missed , please try sending it again.

    Closing this thread.
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