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Well, my dealer texted me...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zomagad, May 14, 2010.

  1. Basically he said he's getting two ounces of some really dank shit. Now, I just picked up a quarter three days ago, and I still got a bit left, so I said I asked if I can pick up a fat $20 bag (2.3-2.5 grams). Then he texts me saying "Ya and ill match you one". Whats that mean? He'll match me one?
  2. If your pack one bowl then he'll match you and pack a bowl.

    Your dealers offering to sesh with you
  3. haha he'll some you a bowl, then you smoke him a bowl. All in one sesh:) its quite profound
  4. He wants to smoke with you, prolly gunna match the weed you bought and then smoke sum with you!

  5. This.
  6. Ahhh I see, so basically he'll get me a fat bag as long as I "match him" or is the fat bag unconditional? :D

    I don't mind smokin' with him, I am just curious
  7. Its not a manditory thing but it does help strengthen your relationship with the dealer which could provide better deals in the long run. I'd say smoke with him!

  8. Just do it. If I had the chance to with my dealer I would.
  9. This should be the first thing you do with your dealer lol.
  10. Nah...Unless he's like a real good friend, otherwise you're paying him to smoke your treez.
  11. Ya I will drop by and smoke a few bowls with him then :D
  12. The closer you are with your dealer the more obligated he feels to do good by you. Smoke with him. Regardless, why not smoke with him either way? Lol
  13. Builds a strong relationship and he could become your good friend that way. It's always worked for me and I get better deals when I do it.
  14. Cool, but while you're at it you might want to let him know that texts get logged and saved and are often used by law enforcement. Believe it or not a plain old phone call is far more secure. They don't record those unless there's already an active warrant.

    Just trying to keep people safe :)
  15. He will give you the fat 20 bag like you asked. And hes asking if he can smoke with you too. He said he will match you. This dont mean you have to blaze him up on all of the bud hes giving you. Hes going to smoke some of his, and youll smoke some of yours.

    If you dont want to smoke with him. Then ask if you can get the bag now and youll smoke with him some other time. If he says no, then hes a prick.
  16. Damn I usually just smoke my dealer out
    He's been a friend for a while though

    and he hooks it up fat
  17. Yeah I smoke my dealer out all the time. Every time I smoke I'm smoking my dealer out :smoking:
  18. Haha hell yeah man
    I miss having my own plants
    So much better :(
    and after you're done witha fatty harvest there is nothing better than smoking your own trees
    I swear they treat you better too haha
  19. Only time I buy is when I want something different, or if I want a big fat sack of mids for joint rolling when we go hiking every Summer. I can't seem to grow any mids. All of my stuff comes out super potent.
  20. Oh yeah word I'm just sayin' if he's strictly your dealer and you don't know him on a personal level, it just doesn't seem worth it to me. My dealer smoked me up on a couple L's the other day cuz he never got back to me when I had loot for treez.

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