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  1. Ok, so I will make this short. Just moved to a new city, and today I met this girl at my school. Pretty much I have zero experience with girls, even though I am a pretty good looking guy. The extent of my sexual experiences are only a fuzzy drunken blur of the past (still a virgin though).

    Well, I met this girl walking to the bus we talked a little bit and stuff, and then I didnt see her all day until after class. We both got on the same bus and I had a seat open next to me, but she didnt sit in it and she sat directly across from me. At first I noticed her looking at me and I could swear she was smiling, but then we started walking back to the dorms and I was hoping she would catch up to me, but she didnt, so I stayed back and asked her about her day, ect. We talked a little bit and then I got her her floor number, but not her room, or phone number. We kinda got cut off at the elevator, there was a big crowd and the door closed before I got in lol.

    I just dont know what to do. Now that I live in a new city, I feel like I can express myself better and try to find out who I really am. But at the same time....this is literally the first woman I talked to here. Am I just being stupid and barking up the first tree I find or should I try an go through with it. I would hate to ask her out on a date or something and then realize that she just wants to be friends. Shit....I dont even know if she is single, she is a good looking woman, and she sounds smart.

    I think we might have a class together tomorrow, should I sit by her?

    I guess the only reason why I am contemplating this is because I dont want to sound too desperate. Shit, I dont even care if we fuck (although I would love to).

    gc help me out, I am new to the world of women.
  2. Do everything you can to be in her path so you guys can talk as much as possible and when you feel the time is right just ask her to grab a coffee or something like that. If she's even remotly interested in you that's enough if she isn't it's pointless to do anything grandiose!!! wait is that even an english word? lol well let us know. Good luck.
  3. you never know till you try, you dont know maybe shes interested in you, if not o well atleast you tryed theres more than one trich in a bud if you catch my drift

    and dont think about just do it cause like john lennon says "life is wats happening when youre busy make plans"
  4. Dont marry the first girl that fucks you. But yea, go sit next to her and see where things go.
  5. Why not? :laughing:
  6. Cause then you'll be dissapointed after you discover all the wild and crazy trim in the world after being with her for 10 years.
  7. lol! listen to this guy
  8. I can never understand those people that want to wait until marriage. Like why the hell would you want to do only one person for the rest of your life. That's nuts
  9. I think you missed my point?

    Dont get caught up on the first thing that makes you happy because you are afraid you wont find anything like it or better in the future.
  10. There is no harm in pursuing her, it doesn't mean anything permanent. Just the first knocking opportunity. If you hit it off, that's great! If not, oh well. You will become more comfortable the more you put yourself out there, she's probably nervous too seeing as girls tend to wait for guys to make the move (generally, not always) but it would be nice to have some kind of friendship whether it develops into something romantic or stays platonic you still have a friend!

    Good luck!

  11. get money then fuck bitches, sorry duuuuude
  12. fuck.....I just have a hard time making the first move you know? Its probably a confidence issue or something, but I just dont want to mess things up though.

  13. fuck money, I want to be happy.

  14. Relax :)

    Odds are she likes you and probably wants you to make a move!
  15. if you want just want to fuck bitches then you need money.

    it's in the bible
  16. I got 1500 in my pocket right now, money is not an issue.

    not trying to brag, cause I gotta make that last, but still, I could care less about money.
  17. Oh I understood what you were saying. I was just talking about something else.
  18. okay...then talk to the girl. if she blazes, get an oz of dank and blazeeeeee
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  20. Thats the other thing, I dont think she does. Maybe though....

    She is a smart girl though, I am sure if I showed her the way, she would love it.

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