well.....looks like i'll be in General more often.....

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by HighHaze, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. since recreational marijuana use is all fucked. i honestly dont think im going back there again :(
  2. never been there. Hows the weather up there?
  3. Don't. I mean it is my favorite either but im sure at least an equal amount of people like it.
  4. They 'cleaned' up the mess that was the old rec forum. It gets a lot of views, they're making it more focused.

    You'll get used to it. :smoking:
  5. I think most people join the forums for the Rec. Marijuana Use/ Seasoned Tokers threads, but then discover the General/Real Stories/Pandoras and decide to stay.

  6. Not quite.

  7. Thats exactly what I stayed for. Those are the only 3 I go in regularly.
  8. I dont see why people got their shit all in a bunch over it

    personally, I'm tired of people posting "cRaZY dankness nugs" all the time

    I've seen enough weed in my life, god damn. I only go to Rec Use for the homemade bongs and unique pieces, and the occasional RooR

    so quit your bitching and get used to it.

    oh, and welcome to General, the best part of the City :smoke:
  9. yea me too, as well as rec. use however....not so much any more
  10. Why wouldn't they just close down posting-ability in Recreational Marijuana Use so people have to revert to the sub-forums?

    Seems foolish to have a section that if you post in..your post will just be immediately moved.
  11. im not new to this section but thanks :smoking:
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