Well lets just see how many we got...

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Jul 13, 2003.


Are you Male or Female...

  1. man

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  2. woman

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  1. from the Males and Females thread...

    just thought it be cool to see how many males and females we do have....
  2. ill guarantee you mate that there are gonna be loads more guys then girls on here.
  3. hear me roar! :p

  4. no hear ME roar

    ahem*clears thouht*


    rite thats one for the guys [​IMG]
  5. last time i checked ,definetly male
  6. im a guy...... and if any of you ladies want to make sure....well you know..... :D
  7. Male all the way....
  8. where's the option for hermaphrodite?

  9. I stronagly debated on fixing the poll..
    but I am curious the boy to girl ratio if yall vote...
    hopefully girls rule cause boys drool
    no offense to hermaphrodites, please feel free to post (and a pic) about yourself. if I was more drunk I wouldve fixed it like a dog in heat

  10. in that case you have to be considerate it tranny's too...

    or is it a born as you are poll? lol
  11. hahah come on ladies, dont be shy!! i know theres more than two of you here....
  12. Male, but I ain't checked for an hour:p

  13. #3 right here :D
  14. Male, always n forever ;)
  15. male...

    but you must understand, a few years back, I was involved in a horrible accident...

    nah I'm j/k still intact :p
  16. im a guy.....
  17. Another girl stoner here!

  18. Wouldn't that be awesome? :D

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