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  1. This run, I have 3 gorilla glue fem seeds. So I dig up in my grow stuff to find heat mat and dome.
    Starting germination process. I heard they stink. We shall see soon.
    Lots of fun coming up and bigger expectations for this second run. I will be using 4x4x6.5 tent, 4ft t5, will upgrade to 400 MH and finish under 600 hps. It will be an other coco perlite run. Might go with Advanced Nutrient since they have nice bloom boosters. Any advices on Nutrient will be appreciated!! ********** happy growing to everyone!!!!
    WIN_20190626_15_41_18_Pro.jpg WIN_20190626_15_47_32_Pro.jpg
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  2. I grew some gorilla glue #4 my last run and it came out straight gas.

    As far as germination you can do things to help like soaking the seeds in water and placing them into a damp paper towel, but none of that stuff is even necessary. You can stick the seed in soil and water and you’ll have zero issues. People think pot is a special plant and it really isn’t.
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  3. Let the GG4 flower as long as possible imo. Good luck
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  4. Thanks! How long did you have yours?
  5. I have one that is on 10 weeks and she still has some white hairs lol the phenos seem to vary widely. I had one, a beautiful blue tint to it, it was done at 7 weeks.
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    Thank everyone
  7. There is so much to discover with growing cannabis! I'm gonna give this breader an other chance cause I still have beans but I was disappointed with 1st grow, 2 northern lights that end up being so different. Thank you for sharing your growth. Cheers
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    First bean cracked!!
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  9. GG cant wait to see this grow! :)
  10. 3 out of 3 !!!! Buffering some coco will plant tomorrow. WIN_20190628_22_11_51_Pro.jpg
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  11. Those taproots are really long on one of them. Not sure how long it can actually be okay without being planted, but I have read that you should plant it when it’s a half inch. And they grow fast. Maybe someone more experienced can chime in.
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    Thanks for advice I was feeling the same so I will plant this one tonight using previous grow coco.
    WIN_20190628_22_34_35_Pro.jpg WIN_20190628_22_36_03_Pro.jpg
    Cant believe it's on already! Cheers!!!
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  13. Here are some pics I took of my GG4. It came out pretty good.

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  14. Oh nice!!!! They look fantastic!
  15. Is that auto? I didn’t know GG was so colorful. Pretty!
  16. Is that auto? I didn’t know GG was so colorful. I’m going to try to have a ten degree difference between night and day so maybe I’ll get some pretty purple buds. :)
  17. No they were clones I picked up from Dark Heart Nursery. With a proper flush and cold night temps any plant with produce beautiful colors.
  18. lets fill the tent! one seedling never took off after cracking... is bc it was too damp, over did on cal/mag or just a weak one? well I dig down coco to find roted seed. Nevermind cause I have more beans. Got one Northern Light left WIN_20190704_15_22_02_Pro.jpg and two UK Cheese. I Love UK Cheese from Tweed so I'm full of hope and excitement with this one.
  19. Not all strians will change color with cooler temps. I drop my light out temps in the winter to cause it. Some strains change, some dont.
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