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well its settled: ive grown dependent

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shroomer310, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. well i have been smoking for about six years now. i don't think i have gone a day without smoking at least a bowl.

    well i tried my first t-break a week ago. i couldn't sleep for shit, my days felt fuckin crappy, i really didn't want to eat anything, i would get really grouchy, and i would always feel tired. this actually kinda made me depressed.

    when i smoked after my break, i felt so happy, so good. in my deep thoughts that i get while faded, i found that i cant take a break for more than five days!

    all this worries me because i actually thought you couldn't grow dependent on such a magnificent drug.

    what are your thoughts blades??
  2. I can't say I have the same problem, but all I can tell you is that weed shouldn't really be your foundation for happiness man. If it's impossible for you to be happy without marijuana then I think you really need to take a step back and think. Taper your smoking until you can take a little bit longer break.

    Good luck. Everything in moderation.
  3. not tryin to be a dick but my thoughts r quit being a pussy. ur not dependant on weed ur bored caus u took away ur favorite hobby ive been on a t-break for the last 2 months cause of court bull shit and i hav no problems i also hav badass dreams again:)
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    I feel you man, I smoked at least a bowl everyday for almost half a year(I know not nearly as long as you) and my break was hell. Same symptoms as you, too hard to sleep, lack of appetite, tired and easily annoyed. Ive found that instead of taking T-Breaks its easier to just wean myself for set amounts of time. Just smoking the least amount possible while feeling little side effects. I was going for a week break but decided after about 4 days its better for my health and others around me if I just wean myself.
  5. You're not dependent on it man, you're just at a lack of what to do. You're used to it helping you with eating sleeping. It's like anything else. You play football every day for three years. you can no longer play due to injury, or anything else. What do you do with that time now? You're going to get grumpy because you no longer have an outlet, and don't know what to do with you time.
  6. i dont know if i would say your dependent. you definitely have a mental attachment (i say attachment b/c addiction is a strong word) and you are used to it helping your day along. if you aren't okay with this, and it seems that you aren't, you should really cut back to where its not such a fixture in your life. if you cant sleep or eat without it, definitely quit for a little while till your depression goes away. if you can't get to that point, seek counseling. but that is all only really necessary if you have a problem with your weed use. ive never had depression so bad that i couldnt eat or sleep, and if i did i would quit for sure.

    good luck dude, i hate seeing people having to quit smoking this beautiful herb because it effects their lives badly.
  7. Last 3 posters above me all are right.

    Also, I had to stop smoking for a couple months not too long ago, and it was pretty shitty. I would definitely not say I'm dependant on weed, but life just seems to be much too boring (things seem more lackluster, too much free time on hands) imo.
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    If you all take it in perspective, think of weed as a hobby and not a "drug". It may be classified as a drug and that idea of becoming dependant may be prevelant around weed but all it really is to people is a hobby. Just like those who's hobbies would be skateboarding, surfing, shopping, food, beer, etc. For some, weed is not thier only hobbies, which leaves them alternative sources of fun or enjoyment to keep them happy when herb is hard to come by. For others, weed is a particularly favorite hobby that they love.

    So what happens when a skateboarder breaks his ankle? Or if there's a flat spell for the surfer? The same thing that happens when a cannabis enthusiest is denied of his herb.

    I think you should start worrying when you start robbing your friends for weed money or if you quit your job so you have more time to get baked.
  9. i have been having trouble going through a full day, when night time comes i can't find a reason to not blaze. although i sometimes take off fridays and saturdays.

    I'm addicted to the low level psychedelic zone weed puts me in.............. plus all the nice and relaxing side effects.

    I have no problem not smoking during the day though, i like using it more to chill or for a trippy event
  10. Sorry man but i think the problem is you and other people who have trouble moderating themselves. Please do not take offense you have not done anything wrong. Some people are prone to developing compulsive habits. I smoke every day but I usually take a month off for every six i smoke.

  11. me too. i always make sure to take at least one or two long breaks throughout the year as a refresher. when i really commit it isn't a big deal. after one or two day's of soberness i am already leveled :smoke:
  12. I totally agree with this.
    Try tapering to where you only smoke once a day and try to wait till nighttime. Its amazing how fast you will realize your not close to dependent anymore.
  13. this is coming from someone who still smokes everyday.... i have other hobbies. i race and bash rc cars... it helps take my mind off of other things. so im clear headed when i smoke.... and it helps a little when im at the track because im focused more... but my point is. is the fact that you're addicted to being high..... not the marijuana itself. the chemical composition of marijuana itself is not addicting. the feeling is addicting. and yes there are minor withdrawls from not using the drug. if you take a single asprin every day for years then stop there are gonna be withdrawls... psychologically and physically.... its simply part of our body readjusting itself to life w/o that chemical.
  14. Sort of unrelated, but does smoking have any connection to not having dreams? Because I've been smoking myself to sleep for months now, and I never have any cool dreams like I used to before I remember smoking.
  15. Any substance that alters your perception can be addicting. Just be glad its marijuana and not a more harmful drug, like..... just about every other drug in the world. The only real hard part about taking breaks for me is im constantly thinking about getting high so it makes me have more urges, but if I can keep busy it doesn't bother me at all
  16. Everyone goes through this, I couldn't eat or sleep for shit after I ran out of weed after smoking for months straight. 4 days later, this all seemed to fix themselves, its been a bit over a week and I'm still dry... I feel fine, and my urges for cannabis are very low, sure I'd like to have it but its not bothering me too much.

    Today I might have though :)
  17. Help I need somebody! Is there chat here
  18. What Management said, it's not good if weed is your only source of happiness, not trying to make you feel even more depressed but you should try your best to take a LONG break just until you can cope with it until you feel somewhat normal again, then start smoking again but maybe don't do it as often as you had been doing.

    Good luck with whatever you do though man. ;)
  19. A break? seasoned tokers stay high:smoke:
  20. i've been smoking for more than 10 years and i know what your going through. its not about dependency its more about that its been with you for so long that you are used to doing it with your everyday life. like riding in a car stuck in traffic wouldnt be the same if you didnt have that fatty joint to keep you company.

    basically what im sayin is that youre bored.

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