Well it sucks but its gotta happen...

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  1. Well recently I've hit some rough times on cash(not due to bud) and i asked my dad if he would lend me some money. Well in exact quotes he said "Son, you know that I love you dearly and so I won't make you pay me back, but as long as I am paying for you you may not smoke marijuana. I will drug test you weekly until you no longer need my financial help."

    Obviously I said okay because I didn't want to be kicked out of my apartment. So until I get the raise my boss promised me a long while back or I find a better paying job, I cannot smoke.:(

    He is going to give me a month to clean my system before the first test but hopefully I can find a better job by than but I'm not exactly to optimistic about that. I had my last smoke the other night and I made it last. Ya'll here at GC have made me laugh and think deeply... You guys are the reason marijuana should be legal. I hope to be able to come back here someday and say something about this place thats good. Happy tokin to you all and stay safe.
  2. you should do every safe drug you can before you have to go clean just to get it out of you're system
  3. dam tht sucks....might wnna consider moving back in if u cant pay for an apt...it kinda defeats the purpose of living by urself if ur parents are paying...not being mean or nothin

    but good luck man!
  4. imy dad is paying for my food actually... and i can pay the apartment but i would be starving myself in the process
  5. Why are you leaving? Just stay and don't smoke.
  6. sounds like a fair deal to me. just stop smoking for a lil while, its really no big deal.
  7. Do what u gotta do.. Maybe start a indoor grow, then in a few months ull have heaps of weed... Oh wait that wouldnt really help.. Damn brother im stumped..
  8. It would help, cuz he could turn heaps of weed into more than a little bit of food and maintain the rest of his bud for himself (and not have to pay for it anymore).
  9. Believe it or not I smoked the least when I was growing. Growing kept me so preoccupied and interested that I rarely felt like smoking and zoning out. I was always knee deep in the growing process.

    But it sounds like you have a pretty sweet thing going here, what with your dad giving you free money. I would lay off the herb, take his assistance, and make something of your young life for now. There will be plenty of time in the future to partake in Cannabis.
  10. I'm really sorry to hear about your sitution. I would just try as hard as you can to find another job so you don't need the assistance of your father. But even if you have to quit for a little bit tolerence breaks are always good. Makes that next time SOO much better!

    Good luck to you! :wave:
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    sounds like he just doesnt want you to spend his money on weed. while i dont think its right for him to drug test you i can see where hes coming from. Think of it as a long T break and be thankful you have a father that loves and cares about you.

    O there are ways to beat home drug test! If you are going to know the day and time of your home tests i sugest u look into dilution, u chould proably smoke 3 out of 4weeks a month with this method. Check out the How to pass a drug test thread its chock full of info.
  12. sure you cant smmoke, but you can still do mushrooms, psilocybin doesnt show up in drugtests
  13. I agree with your father. You spent money that you needed for food and rent on weed. What if your father wasn't able to bail you out, then what would you have done?
  14. Best answer right there.
  15. actually i dont spend much money on bud... but my rent went up because the landlord or whatever hes called i really dont care needed more money to keep it open due to the economy... and thats what fucked me over but its whatever im thinking of it as a long ass fucking t break... and BEATkilla i love that song

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