Well it finally happened....

Discussion in 'General' started by diluted59, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. I got busted.

    My mom felt the need to go and search my room shes a christian lady so she claims it was the "holy ghost" anyway she went diggin through my drawers and found my paper and my homemade 20 oz bottle water bong. Luckily she didn't find the weed, stems, and seeds and my other little pipe. I lied so hard to get out of it and I managed too. I made up a whole story of how it was some "dude" (never dropping any names mind you) and she bought it. I threw away everything she didn't find in case they decided to do a full on search as soon as my dad got home. As of now I plan on staying clean for about 2 months to let shit cool down. This sucks :(
  2. that really sucks..its happend to me many times, but u even threw out the weed? one thing i do is hide everything in the spare room in a draw full of sockslol, they always search my rooom but they wouldnt think to search someoen elses...good luck and now that ur mom knows be extra carefull! 
  3. man i'm sorry about that

    anyways, where in alabama are you? I live in alabama too
    PM me if you want
  4. @galvingirl - yea i plan on being TONS more careful when i start back

    @iamfloyd - PM sent :) nice to see someone else from the same state on here

  5. im not qutting for good just a month or so to get clean, i havent really been enjoying my high as much anyway lately i think a break is needed anyway :) i also need to lay off the ciggarettes a while and when im high i smoke so many.

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