Well it finally happed to me...the surprise of the year

Discussion in 'General' started by spudman78, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. So I've been picking up quarters from my guy for the past 6 months consistently. I've heard stories of people misplacing weed and finding it at a later time, but I'm usually very conscious of my weed. Anyway long story short my girl and I wanted to smoke last night so I went to my hiding place and grabbed my stash. As I pulled the baggy out I noticed instead of one bag I had two in my hand. So now I'm sitting here with 2 quarters in my hand. I guess I picked up, forgot that I had an picked up again. I Donno how old it is, but it's a strain I was smoking like a month ago :)

    Sorry just had to share :)
  2. gotta love it!
  3. So you smoked a few victory blunts, right?
  4. wtf how could you forget about a quater
  5. That is too awsome! I love finding shit I forget about.
  6. Haha happened to me with 1/8ths and 1/16ths before. I just find em sitting around in odd places and smile and pack a bowl :smoke:
  7. [quote name='"MayorMcStoned"']So you smoked a few victory blunts, right?[/quote]

    Smoked three fat mix strain joints and a nice bowl. It was a great night.

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