well i'm paranoid

Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. well i been a little paranoid and i smell a PIGGY here, i have no clue who, but i have a really bad feeling right now. All i'm saying is i'm not smoking right now and i'm all like stressed and pissed off, i need to save money so this is a good time to quit for a while, i'm just not buying anything or keeping any plants around. i'm high right now but i was just at a friends, i'll still have people getting me high. so i'm not worring about it. i might go fish'n, theres aways a bunch of smokers were i go. sorry for bothering everyone i just have nobody to talk to and i'm bored.
  2. think theres one casing you and your place or something?
  3. i just have a really bad feeling, i hope everything works out, so far so good!
  4. PARANOID..... but, please read the following article..... and pass it on to your friends!


    This is DEFINATELY something that WE the PEOPLE need to fight against...... if this goes through, I might be asking if anyone who is in B.C. or Canada has room for me in their house. I will not live in a country whose distrust of their citizens is getting very close to the distrust the Nazi's were famous for in the 2nd WW.....

    Worried girl here!

  5. Make sure your not doing anything you'd get in serious hot water for.....
    Always remember to go with your first instict with this sort of thing...
  6. hey K!! thanks for the response....

    the problem is that the "NET" is getting larger and encompassing more people with each passing day....

    I am very careful about this sort of thing, but as a FREE AMERICAN should I have to worry that my privacy is going to be invaded by the "cable guy", just so he can be a pretend HERO for 15 seconds because he thought he might have seen something that could be construed as "terrorist"???

    Remember, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, et. all.... everyone that fought for FREEDOM from English rule, were in fact TERRORISTS in the eyes of England.... so, the line is easy to see for me....

    And I will continue to live by the motto of one of my favorite men ever!


    Safety is really a secondary concern for me, because in my view, safety without liberty is just not worth anything!
  7. I completely agree with that...we are living in a police state...maybe it's because i live in a tiny town, but there are pigs at every corner...i am getting plumb sick of it!

    Thank goodness my boyfriend lives in Canada...
  8. The issues raised with the whole 9-11 attacks has changed the way we ALLOW the law enforcement to operate. The sad truth is that the majority of our public wants increased police presence. skewed perspective...

    With the new FBI in full swing we'll soon be seeing even more drastic changes. The FBI is no longer responsible for dealing with the drug cartels-or any drug violations for that matter.

    The US government is urging local law enforcement to pick up the slack left behind-with the aid of the DEA and ATF.

    I'm frankly a bit frightened at what these changes will bring upon us as a nation.

    Such a drastic shift in perspective is bound to cause an upheaval in the way we feel and act for a while to come. My bet is that these changes will continue untill we can start to settle into something we feel will work....

    and nothing will ever work until we feel safe again-and we'll only feel safe when they stop giving us reasons not to be.

    don't you love the power of propaganda.


    one day I was watching FOX NEWS and in between segments the FOX logo appeared and this deep voice said-and I quote-
    "The chanel America trusts. No questions asked!"

    fuckin' scary
  9. this "great nation" of ours sucks, in my opinion. it seems that the government is moving more and more towards a state of supreme power with each passing day. the general people don't mind, because it's "in the name of national security." the government knows as long as whatever they do is for "national security" they'll have almost the entire country ready to back them up. this means they are free to break constitutional rights (privacy rights (on the net) have already been broken, w/national support). by the time the people see what's going on, i think it's going to be too late for us to do anything about it. in my honest opinion i think the government let 9-11 happen, or even helped plan it for this reason. they knew it was coming, and they knew everyone would be afraid of it happening again if it were to happen. they also knew they'd beable to use it to take advantage of the frightened nation by taking away certain rights (which ultimately gives them more power), and saying it's for our own good. the whole thing stinks

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