Well Im Outa Weed For Now, Time To Smoke Some Resin

Discussion in 'General' started by J-Sin420, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Well....Im outa weed but my pipe is clogged as fuck so I'm gonna go enjoy this last high befor my bag hunt tomorrow..Night everyone
  2. (hi there)

    hey that makes me wonder.

    which is regarded with most value in your part of the world?
    resin or grass?

    here back in Paris/France we look upon Grass as /much better/ than resin.

    that is regular resin (but I have come up sometimes with a few g of resin i wouldn't exchange for any grass)

    (oh mi god, I hope resin means... marijuana once prepared/cooked)

  3. acually resin is the resadue left over in the pipe after smoking and not cleaning it out, so you can just take hits of that.
  4. "hash" et "resin" sont le memme truc en europe mais en amerique on dit "resin" pour le rest que on trouve dans une pipe et "hash" pour le cannabis fondu.
  5. oui, c'est trebien!!

  6. we value grass higher than resin because resin tastes like ass even if it does get you high. plus everyone who has a pipe ends up with resin. I just use it as a hold over when I run completely out (which used to not happen when I becamse a full blown pot head)
  7. dude he's talking about hash- in europe hash and resin are sometimes interchangable terms. I thought you guys prefered hash to weed.
  8. J-sin was talking about resin. I guess I'd prolly prefer hash, but I've never had it.

  9. just for you i'll roll up a big fat hash joint, puffin and coughin and dream of the day when i get some fresh actual weed



    puff puff



    puff puff puff




    puff puff


  10. yup I woz talking about Hash/Grass note resin (the residu in a pipe)

    I actually never new that stuff (resin) could get someone high. I even tell you why i didn't know (I'm a 10+years smoker) because I never even heard about someone doing so, it'd look disgusting..

    But I'll ask around.

    But then again I dont smoke in order to get high (well sometimes I do; this could be a thread on its own, I'll check if it exists somewhere otherwise i'll get it started) But I mainly smoke for the sweet taste so I rather Grass to hash; I actually don't like the fact that most grass get me so high I can't even ENJOY the stuff....
    (that proves me that I enjoy the stuff BEFORE I'm high.. cool... or wait maybe it's when i'm on the way up that I enjoy.... na)
  11. resin can be ok sometimes.

    ive smoked resin before that actually didnt taste bad at all. if you can find a little nug and mix it in the resin isnt that bad either, but then, if you still had a little nug, you wont be scrapping for resin ;)

    My old bowl to my bong broke, only had it fro about 2 months at the most, and Ive pulled 2 PACKED bowls in my pipe from it so far. mind you my pipe usually holds about .8 or regular bud, so these were big bowls.

    i was bumming out huge, hotboxed my truck to get the maximum stone, and damn, i was blown.
  12. it all depends on the quality.

    from best to worst the list goes something like this (very simplistically)

    Bubble Hash
    low grade hash.
    and the only thing that might be worse than the lowest grade hash would be industrial hemp. :D

    so when asked which ya prefer... it depends. are we talking about some pollum or Double Zero? are we talking about some NL or Purple Haze?

    or are we talking about 4th grade morrocan slate or industrial hemp?

    and im outta the resin build up on my pipes.... i got NOTHING! NOOOOTHING! :(

  13. yes, what is it, 2-3 weeks involuntary emptyness now? is it really *that* difficult out in the boonies getting some stash refreshments? i thought that in small communities, all the tokers knew eachother, so resupplying wasn't a problem.

    why not take a trip down to the mainisle, buy big (200g+), sell half of it and you've got yerself some lowcost bud for some 10-15 weeks.

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