Well Im Not Going To Jail,,,,

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. i violated my probation,, tuesday night ,,spent wed. in jail got out wed. night and went and seen my p.o. today,,,,,

    she told me that i wasnt the sharpest knife in the drawer,,,,,( ddduuuuhhh?)

    but that my infraction was a small one,,,, she has had a tit job, and i swear she only wears clothes that show off them tits,,,

    damn she was looking good today,,,,, i wont to make out with my p.o. /////

    how can a woman that holds my freedom in her hands turn me on so much?

    im not going to jail for a year,,,, wwwoooopppiiieeee,,,,,,,,:cool:
  2. I would tell her that.
  3. You would be a hero for banging your PO officer.... that tops banging a teacher.
  4. i dont think so,,, shes my age,,, but this woman is a little ''unreadable'' to me,,,,

    too professional,,,, i like ''trashy'' women who enjoy a cheap meal at Mc.Donalds....hahahah:cool:
  5. if she ever leaves the room while im in there,,, i swear im going behind the desk and sniffing the seat of her chair,,!!!!!!!:eek:
  6. Haha its be funny if she had a camera and looked at the end of the day and saw her step out and you run to her chair. lmao Hahaha
  7. Thats fukn hilarious... it went from I violated my probation.. to .. my p.o. had er tits done... damn I start class tomorrow wonder how the new bitches* - Not tolerated. -Bliz will look?? I could use a good piece o strange
  8. if you dont fuck your PO, can i? ill totally give you details, and pics if shes kinky...just tell her to come and star in my new video:D

    i suggest showing her this thread...
  9. good to hear chicken, but dont let assholes get you in trouble.....control your anger

  10. "so you have been smoking marijuana while on prob.?"
  11. she is definatly hot,,,, today she '' brushed some lint'' from right above her tits,,, i think shes a dick tease,,,

    or she wants to direct my attention to her breast area,,,

    who knows maybe near the end of our monthly visits,,,, ill ask her if shed like to go out,,,,

    since we wont be on a professional level then,,,,

  12. hell no thats against the rules... i got arrested for fighting tuesday night,,,,

    6 long island ice teas,,,, will make one insane,!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  13. I figured you'd be straight man, Good to hear.
  14. well at least you didnt get into trouble bro, start hitting on the po though
  15. Congrats man! I am glad to hear you will not be going to prison. Smoke a few bowls in celebration, as soon as I end my dry spell, I will smoke a few bowls in honor of you not going to prison as well. :D
  16. That's the ultimate turn on, my friend.
  17. Get her up on the desk man! Fucking your P..O. man, thats pretty high up there
  18. Just hit on her or ask her out or something. That's what I would do. Make it sound casual though, this is just an example but you could do something like ask her out to dinner to discuss your parole situation, or how to become a better parolee or some shit like that.
  19. well that good to hear mang. i would have missed your strange and unusual ass too much. this next beer is to you my good friend! Pshhhttt! mmmm hacker-pschorr, good german beer. Prost!!!
  20. this is what you do when shes around you start acting up all obnoxious and then get a little physical she brings out her mase and threatens you, you say go ahead then when she sprays just scream go out of control and land your face in her tits, then grab the tits and rub the mase off with them.
    i must say im a genius

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