Well...I'm Fucked Up...Keep this going 4 evr

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Do you really think I'm stoned?

  1. Nope

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  2. Don't give a fuck

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  1. High.
    I took too many gummies and am gonna smoke some weed in a minute, probably. (Sidenote: And for those of you who dont think it's possible to type a story while you're severely stoned, you've been proven wrong.) I'm Fucked up. Let's get famous together. Leave me a comment.

    Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters


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  2. Anyone can write a story. How long it takes that defines the rest.
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    When weed was illegal we were the coolest, the best of the best, we kept low and shuffled in the shadows, toked the smoke in the car, under the T-shirt, the aircraft toilet, the back room, under a bush any place so you couldn't be seen, often confused with the 'gays on the prowl', we were the secret drug addicts, we kept low, we were and still are, look down upon by the hard drug addicts out their, but thats cool as there were so many of us.

    Cops had a hard choice, the queer? or the stoner?, whats worth more to me, he would think, now it's a harder choice, book the pedo priest, or the russian arms smuggler, or the medical student selling coke to pay his way,
    not one of us would consider the op for a minute

    Times change and like the above not for the best
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  4. Good post vee. The look on those cops for those measly buds were nice
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  5. I know a doctor who paid her way through medical school from stripping and pole dancing. Her patients don't know a thing!
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  6. My large family owned a string of er...strip clubs, we made a fortune but was taken over in the mid 1970s by the kgb ...true! ..now those blond spies, so very beautiful, that they got found out real fast..I wasn't me officer ...lol
    I say that as my uncle liked to employ(contract) transvestites as they were reliable and even bitched less, they used a large Elastoplast 4 inches wide to hide the old fellow ..lol
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  7. Its believeable. There are other instances of state stealing companies in russia

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