Well i'm back...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dailytoker420, May 16, 2010.

  1. Well after 14 weeks, I have finally finished basic training, and now have access to the GC community again. Not sure if anyone remembers who I am, but it feels good to be back on here. :wave:
  2. I remember you.

    how was basic?
  3. It was different, thats for sure. I'm getting stationed in germany, so maybe i'll have a chance to head down to Amsterdam.
  4. I remember you! Welcome back to the City and +rep for surving BT.

  5. thats bad ass to be stationed in germany.
  6. Thanks for the rep. It feels great to use a computer again though lol. Who knew I would miss a web site so much while in basic
  7. ramstein?
  8. welcome back man!

    you here for good?
  9. Nope Grafenwoehr. I'm pretty sure Rammstein is Air Force but I could be wrong.
  10. ramstein is an air force base, i know someone who was stationed there when that event happened.
  11. I'm pretty excited about it though. I'll be in germany for two years then I'll deploy for 15 months and my contract will be up. Not sure if I want to turn this into a career yet, but I've done some pretty badass shit lol
  12. oh my dad was stationed on ramstein and i used to live there.
    but he was airforce. i only know of manheim as a army base i think
  13. I was thinking of joining the military. How tough was the training?
  14. The training varies base to base depending on your MOS. My training wasn't too difficult but there were some events that were hard to do. Ruck marches fucking suck. We got hit by a fuckin monsoon on FTX, and if you can't do 42 pushups yet, start cranking em out.
  15. if you don't mind my asking, what was your MOS?
  16. 11b aka infantry.
  17. i was talking to my friend last night about enlisting and he said i should try 15 or 19 series.

    but with my possession charges, even if i get in, i get no clearances.
  18. shit, and you said your basic training wasn't that bad?

    also, just asking - you said 14 weeks? I didn't think Army's basic was that long.

    but, I remember you. Congrats on becoming a part of the armed forces.
  19. Thanks man for the support, and you're right, basic training is only 9 weeks, but since i'm infantry basic and AIT is combined into OSUT (one station unit training). I just call it basic because not many people would know what OSUT meant.
  20. Awesome, welcome back :hello:

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