Well, I'm about to go drink with two dimes.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChronicPhonix, Dec 26, 2012.

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  2. Doubt won't get you lucky.
    Better go tackle those dimes like a man and report back ! :D

    Cheering for you.
  3. May these dimes make your Christmas a merry one. Good luck!
  4. pussy pussy puuuuhhhhhsssyyyy
  5. Threesome. You never know bro
  6. subbed for update
  7. At first I thought u meant buying a drink with 20 cents.
  8. Did you get that 3 some?
  9. Late night, OP? ;)
  10. I read this so many times

  11. When in doubt, refer to cliches' :p
  12. went home with a 10 at 2am, woke up a 10am next to a 2
  13. good luck, may the force be with you
  14. Not with an attitude like that you wont.
  15. I want to know
  16. Haha I didn't think that but I thought it'd be cool if he actually tried it.
  17. Dont choke! Getit!? GETTIT!? Cause theyre dimes, and hes drinking with them! Ahahahsahah
  18. You survive the end of the world and you're afraid of making moves on some skanks? For shame, OP.

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