well, i'm about to blaze, but first....

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  1. Today is my birthday.
    Yeppers. 9/11. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    Now, I watched the events of that day unfold on t.v like most others in the nation, and would like to send a shout-out, an eternal thank you, and blessings to all that lost their lives that day by just being American, and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The first bowl of my first sesh of today goes out to them, and their families, who still have to live with the everyday horror of that personal loss. We, as citizens, can do nothing more than continue to honor and respect them, and those who have given their lives for the continued protection of this nation. I don't agree with the war at all, but I still support the bravest among us who are willing to lay down their lives at a seconds notice so that we can continue to enjoy our lives.

    This post isn't about me, It's about the rememberance and celebration of those people.

    But now, i've got a bag, my bong, a Cream Soda-Mtn. Dew Mix Factory reject soda, and lots of time to kick back on the city. So as I say, this is for them, keep tha good vibes alive, and....well, you know the rest.

  2. Not to be a dick, but wouldn't it be more meaningful if you refrained from smoking for a day to commemorate 9/11?
  3. No because life is Meaningless, The only meanings are thet ones you fabricate and associate, Maybe hes smoking marijuana to commemorate the day that tollerance and rationality died in society and at the same time exersize his free rights even though we gave those up when someone mentioned the "P" word and told us we werent unless we gave up more of out rights as americans as they continued to wipe the excessive amounts of feces on their lips with our constitution,
    So Blaze away,
    Blaze on, Make this smoke special, think of the thousands that never got to smoke again for the misguided ideologies of religion
    And the thousands still never to smoke due to our governments insecive need to dominate the world and tell foreigners what is right and wrong through violence and destruction

  4. not im my opinion, i'm just doing it in honor of them.
    but thats just my opinion.
    I could've just wrote a whole thread bitching about how people always forget my birthday because of 9/11, but I'm not in 3rd grade. Like some on here.
    I just wanted to share my rememberance with GC.:smoke:

  5. you should really look into the motives behind the 9/11 wars. no one is dieing protecting our nation. they have just died attacking other nations.
    for that matter, you should look into the real force behind 9/11.
    hint: it doesn't reside in the middle east!
  6. Happy Birthday :smoke:
    Glad you're enjoying yourself! :)
  7. oh, do you mean the soldiers who've died trying to suppress Al-Quesadilla (sp?), that group of poeple, you know, that are hellbent on destroying us?
  8. exactly what i am talking about, you need to look into this shit. cause al qaeda is just a puppet used by various gov'ts. they are a scape goat, not a threat.
  9. Lol, that made me laugh. Happy Birthday. :smoke:
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    Tell that to my cousin who is currently in the process of erradicating those 'Scape Goats" off the face of the earth. You look me in the eye and tell me that him getting shot at day and night is not a threat. They are merely ONE of hundreds of groups who HATE the west as a WHOLE including most of Europe. Did you know that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two separate groups? Did you know that men, women and children were dying overseas DUE to these groups fighting amongst themselves? The Talib's would kill ENTIRE VILLAGES and move on to the next BECAUSE THEY DIDNT AGREE WITH THEM...
    America has it's flaws thats for certain but to discredit our troops by saying there is no threat is beyond fucked up.

    have you been overseas and seen the damage first hand? No, your sitting at your desk with a bong in your hand...
  11. god, i hate this stupid war argument. This would be the last place i would expect it to happen lol

  12. qft^^^^:hello:
  13. whats qft i always wondered

  14. quoted for truth = QFT

    i wondered for a long time myself.
    Someone once told me it stood for quit fucking talking, but he was probably high or some shit.

  15. why is your cousin over there? he should be over here. if he is getting shot at over here, i consider that honorable and i back him up. but he is getting shot at over there. we have no business over there.
    Africa is a giant mess, rife with far worse tragedies and genocide. but we aren't doing shit with africa. so why spend so much effort on a small region of the world that can't cause us harm? oh yeah, they want stability for the oil tycoons..
    and the only reason anti-american groups are popping up like crazy in the middle east, is because we are still there. we leave what are they gonna do? if they could get to america they would've already done that. (if you still believe that the WTC bombings were done purely by middle eastern terrorists... :rolleyes:)
    you sure are getting heated insulting me and such, especially when you dont know me. hah.
  16. happy b-day man my birthday is coming up on the 15th

    and i really dont see how smoking weed today is disrespectful in any way
  17. Go smoke a bowl and stop arguing

    Happy b-day!

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