Well Id say I might lose a gram or so but much more than that.

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  1. So this is one pineapple express auto so not 2 oz here but if I took the cheater buds I smoked I would have been able to get 2oz easy. So two weeks and we will weigh one more time but so perfect allowed 2oz of use able medical marijuana and how perfect 40gs. I'll check weight again before I start cheifing it up sending smoke signals across the pond to Loki. [​IMG][​IMG] this was like 5/6 days before I harvested it.[​IMG]

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  2. auto yield is measured in ounces per year, not ounces per plant.
  3. Well that's the only one of that kind pineapple express. But all the others I would say I'd be lucky if I harvested around lb. Over the last yeAr

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