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  1. Ok so I get to a work meeting this morning around 6:45. I see my "cheekies" who's the girl I'm trying to fuck and I call her cheekies because she has a beautifully gorgeous ass. I get to grab all over that ass and I mean spank it, pinch it, bite it...anything! But she won't put out just yet. So, I'm in the middle of one of these marvelous moments when a dude I work with comes up to me and gives me a sob story about how his car broke down and how he needs a ride home after the meeting. Now, I have a gf and today is our 3 month anniversary and she lives across the border so I have to go pick her up to go have breakfast. So I have a potential booty call who I could leave with and perhaps get a little something something, a coworker who needs a ride, and my gf that I have to pick up early to go have breakfast. Well; I couldn't see myself being unfaithful and going all the way with "cheekies" so the good guy in me decides to gove the coworker a ride and then go pick up my girl and cross back to come have breakfast. The meeting ends, everyone chit chats for a bit and then off we go the coworker and I. On the way he's saying how he's gonna bang cheekies and how she's already being receptiveto his advances and I was just like uuuhh huhhh. Anyway, we get to his house and we check the car and turns out it turns on :/ good for him, huge delay for me.
    So he thanks me for the ride and invites me into his house to blaze a bit (haven't toked in a month) and I agree. I look at the time and realize it's kinda late already so I tell him I have to go and he says cool no biggie. Before I leave though he tosses me a paper and says there's bud in there so I'm like sweeeeet! So I'm on my way to the border thinking of a way to smoke this real quick before crossing and realized there's no freaking way I could. Sooooo, I decided tooo eat it! I was thinking that nothing would happen since you need oil or butter to extract thc. Wrong!I picked up my girl and as soon as I saw her I realized I was high. I was like ooooooh shiiiit high. So we go have breakfast and I'm cracking jokes and funny remarks so I won't be laughing like an idiot by myself haha. The food was amazing, my eyes were red, and my gf believed me it was my allergies( she don't want me smoking...well prefers I don't)
    I didn't think I could get high just by eating weed...coulda been the one greasy barbacoa taco I had at the meeting though lol.

    Yeah, that was my story haha. I know it didn't lead to were most of you were probably thinking. But hey, today was a good day ;)
  2. what's it like dating a alien?
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWfbGGZE07M]YouTube - Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (HD)[/ame]
  4. so your cheekies was fuckin another dude and you go and have breakfast with her? :confused:
  5. So you don't think it's cheating By grabbing, pinching and biting another girls ass? You're a horrible boyfriend, I hope she catches you acting like this and breaks up with you.
  6. First off you can't get high from just eating weed unless it has been activated at a certain temperature hence the cooking to make edibles so sorry you weren't baked you were having what the scientific community calls a placebo effect where your brain makes you think you are high even though you are not.

    I have to get this off my chest why are you fucking around with "cheekies" when you have a girlfriend.

    In my eyes and in many other peoples eyes why can't you just dump your girlfriend if you don't love her why do you have to cheat on her. Do you not give a shit about her feelings? and when she finds out cause she will what then?

    Just seems like you are a selfish asshole that needs some education.

    I know that I am going to get some hate for this message but retards and haters gonna hate.
  7. No hate, spot on.
  8. i hope your girl finds out about "cheekies" and they both take turns kicking you in the balls op. Enjoy explaining to an ER doctor that your a douche
  9. I dislike you. I think you should go away.
  10. HaaaaaaHAHAHAHA 3 month anniversary? What the fuck is wrong with you, ya douche! Are you 15 years old or some shit...?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. who the hell has 3 month aniversaries? I usually tell the bitch to beat it before 3 months and move on to the next. who even counts how long youve been together anyway? you must be 15 or a total virgin whos girl told them that after 6 months you will have sex and your counting the days and happen to be halfway there.
  12. Broskis, peaceful broskis, I have no intention of cheating just keeping my skills sharpened up ya know? I do love my girlfriend, but I can't lose my game if you catch my drift. As for getting high from eating weed it weirded me out to cuz I'm a cannabis connoseuir myself. I fuck around however I don't take it all the way...I just flirt! Hence why I passed up the opportunity...but, placebo or not I definitely fwlt high. No hate here, just wanted to relate an interesting story.

    Peace, love, and light!
  13. I am sorry,

    but OP is an asshole.
  14. [quote name='phishes']First off you can't get high from just eating weed unless it has been activated at a certain temperature hence the cooking to make edibles so sorry you weren't baked you were having what the scientific community calls a placebo effect where your brain makes you think you are high even though you are not./QUOTE]

    I am telling you right fucking now to eat a .5 nug and report back in a hour you will either be somewhat high or you got shitty weed ;)
  15. Thats called the placebo effect.
  16. Mannn some of you all are just going off on how I'm a douche lol. Come on guys we all have that one girl at work who we flirt with but we would never go all the way with. The people saying wtf is 3 months blah blah blah, those dudes are assholes because I actually cherish my relationship dearly. As for the placebo thing I won't deny it might have been that but the strange thing was that I had forgotten about it completely and then bam! I felt it. So, who know? Not me, but I felt high with the cottons, red eyes, and everything. I'm seriously not an asshole. Peace, love, and light.
  17. man why everyone here hatin on this dude. theres not one comment on this thread that someone aint bein an asshole! im so sick of coming to this so-called "stoner community" to just read a bunch of people arguing.

    you all sound like a bunch of whiny little girls lol damn

    to the OP....aint nothin like a fine ass!

    a girlfriend is a girlfriend it aint no damn marriage!!
  18. damn
    why all the haters
    u only get one life might as well enjoy it
    plus it aint like theyre married
    i mean shit...
  19. You two last dudeskis are cool y'all. It seems like y'all understand the little pleasures we must appreciate in life.

    And yes herbalpainkilla...ain't nothing like a fine ass!

    A bluntski to that later on to that, pay day babay!

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