Well...I was drinkin a FOUR LOKO and...

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  1. I was drunk and decided to put the moves on my man when his mom walked in on us fuckin n he threw his pants at me cuz he thought they were mine n hid behind the tv n then demanded me to hand him the blanket LMAO hahahahahahaaaa. Then his mom walked in and he couldnt stop laughin n she was like are yall naked n i was all like laughin at him n shakin my head yes b/c i knew she stepped over my clothes OMFG embarassing.
    I gotta say she was chill about it left n turned the light off n was all like alright get back to it, sorry.
    Im drinkin another LOKO now and wow do they make me do crazy things lol...:yay:
    ok so yeah im still drunk. heh
  2. Lmao! Nice!!
  3. lol i love those situations, good times
  4. so does that mean you're back to having sex now

    or are you posting after everything is already said and done
  5. I posted after it was said and done. lol.
  6. i wish my mom was chill about it...hehe...tellin me to get back to it..

  7. I was going at it in my car with an Ex GF outside her house (she lived with her parents.)
    We look out the window of my car and who's out in the front yard butt naked? Her dad! He's out there at 2 AM moving the sprinklers around the yard in the nude. We all kinda look at each other and keep doing our own thing, it was hilarious! :D
  8. Amusing story. Thank you for sharing. We've all been there. Well, most of us, anyway.
  9. I don't understand how anyone can drink a loco honestly. I had one Tuesday night and it was the most discusting thing I've EVER had. It was also a really horrible drunk feeling. I didn't feel crunk at all, I just felt mostly groggy and tired​
  10. Great story. whats a LOKO?
  11. Nasty grape shit.

    tastes like grape cough syrup.

    Orange Joose FTW!
  12. sounds like mad dog 20/20...comes in all kinds of flavors...yellow, blue, purple

    the mad dog challenge...finish it without vomiting...i dare you :cool:
  13. lol well joose is my favorite but my bf got me a loco, so i was like fuck it.
    Beer wise I like bud light
  14. ^lol he got you the Four Loko...he obviously wanted some pussaayy ;)
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    drink loko and get loco or should i say loca

    i barely drink alc only about once or twice every other week...i stick to sizurp if i drink i like to get my lean on.

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