Well i really havent shown much of my work...

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    I start school in January at CSN for graphic design and editing and things like that. But i decided to get one up on the rest of the class and started doing some stuff on my own. Anyway i havent really shown much of this to people but i just had a couple bowls of purple kush and saw this forum and decided hey why not. Anyway heres the original, this is my son born 8/11/10 at 3 weeks:

    Pictures came out huge edited for less mess!


    And heres a couple edits i did:

    Number 1
    I took a chunk out of that one because it has his name, never know whos watching these sites!
    Number 2

    Picture was taken with a Samsung Vibrant, surprisingly came out GREAT as an 8x10 for grandma.

    And this is just some weird thing i made, 1600x900 resolution.


    Cant wait for school to learn some good stuff!
  2. CSN... Nevada?
  3. Yessir Las Vegas.
  4. Imageshack - 201009021311.jpg <--- I like this one, minus the eyes. Those are creepy as fuck. Leave the eyes alone. from my experience, I find the best looking edits for pictures like that one are generally very subtle.
  5. Lol eyes werent really my idea. Im working on a picture of a Factory Five GTM right now doing some cool shit to it.

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