Well, I quit smoking weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by budsmokington, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. It just isnt for me anymore, gonna miss it but hey:smoke: for me.
  2. isn't for you anymore? why?
  3. i've been clean since 5/14/09, you're just trying to copy me :)

    aye, it's responsible to say it isn't for you anymore. maybe it'll be for you again one day. but just like me, i couldn't do it responsibly. so i stopped. maybe i'll visit it again one day, but not until i can do it responsibly.
  4. Always gotta do whats best for you :)

  5. I dont get good highs anymore, and I have mild tourettes and It seems like weed is messing with it, and it also upsets my eczema(skin disease) I just dont get the good focused high that others get anymore, and that's even with sativas.

    IDK just guess it wasnt meant to be:mad:

  6. damn same here, my highs have been paranoid and dysphoric lately, i'm gonna stop and develop my personality/life and then smoke again haha.

    i don't have physical reasons for it tho, how exactly did it mess with ur tourettes and eczema? isn't eczema those itchy ass rashes that pop up on your body?

    if it is, i have gotten that plenty of times before haha, it sucks ass

    weed will basically enhance watever state of mind you are in, and i have been highly highly stressed these past few weeks

    yea man, we gotta do wat we gotta do huh?

  7. yeah eczema is like dry patches that itch and can leave scars and shit, and the smoke drys out my skin triggering the eczema, I had it bad as a child then it went dormant, but now everytime i smoke i get the rashes and I dont want that shit in my face, I know it has the potential to get like it was when I was younger and I just cant deal with that.

    and for the turettes I do these ticks where I blink alot and do this ocd shit where I have to touch things every way possible(one finger,one hand,two hands) and Im able to control that for the most part, except for when im high, I just go crazy everytime I smoke now.

  8. holy shit.

    smoking weed can make eczema worse??? :eek::eek:

    that would totally explain how bad mine got at the period of time when i was doin the whole "smoke all day erryday" thing

  9. yeah its not the weed per say its the smoke that drys your skin.

  10. oh i see.

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