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well i need some help guys

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iTOKE719, May 23, 2010.

  1. #1 iTOKE719, May 23, 2010
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    IF you don't want to read it all (even though the background information helps) basically im grounded for my parents searching through my history on MY computer and found grasscity and I can NOT convince them anything otherwise, any help?


    I'm graduating in less than a week I'm done with all my finals and its the last weekend before graduation weekend. Last night i was hangin out with some friends havin a good time you know what i mean and it ended up being one of the most awesome nights ever for sure..

    However i came home to find out my father had the brilliant idea to walts in my room and search through my history on my laptop and he found all my grasscity history. And well he was pretty pissed, he said they had known ive been smoking for awhile now but they never said anything about it until now.

    There was no convincing my parents to let me keep smoking, I always thought my dad would end up being the cool dad that you never knew smoked but you the idea he did and he went off on me im grounded till graduation andi can smoke when i move out blah blah blah.. the thing i dont understand is i know having the weed under my parents home/smoking there is a no go (which is why i keep my activities to other places) and the only ways that my weed smoking affects my parents is i feel like i get a long with them more, i like to come home and clean the shit out of everything when im high and my grades are at a all time high in my life. And then my parents are talking about weed being laced and just the worst thing ever and they will just not here me out I hate how brainwashed they are.. and my dad even played the do you think its cool? card like i wish he'd understand that weed was never about that for me no matter how hard i try to tell them though its the same old same old

    Does anyone know anyways out of this one? I mean i can quit smoking its just im pretty much stuck in my house with absolutely nothing to do, i just wish i wasnt grounded for such ridiculous circumstances... Thanks in advance guys
  2. You're grounded? What are you, 14?
  3. He said hes graduating. So he must be like 17-19.

    Just leave your house without saying anything dude. Go to your friends house and hangout smoke w/e. If your parents call just say your at your friends house doing w/e.
  4. Their house, their rules.

    Try to find a way to get out away from the house and smoke there.
  5. smoke right in front of their faces if you want to infuriate them?
  6. im 18, but i like all your guys idea on how to smoke lol.. but i was looking more for something like just how to sit down with them and convince them to unground me as weed isnt as bad as they think it is you know what i mean?
  7. Compromise: Tell them you won't fight about this issue with them anymore and comply if they agree to sit down and watch The Union with you.
  8. Honestly man you're so close to being on your own, just take your grounding and play some video games. You aren't missing that much, no HS party will ever compare to partying once you're on your own bro.

    You can try helping your parents understand why you smoke etc etc. But that is rarely successful, and again, you are close enough to being on your own that it is barely worth the time.
  9. Are they Christian?
  10. thats exactly what ive been trying to do like ive been chill while there bitchin at me and they just are completely not open to my suggestions there mean buggin man

    i am close.. but im mainly worried about missing out on grad night.. and id play some video games but all i have is a game cube thats why i hate being at home theres literally shit to do
  11. They arent.. they havent gone to church in my whole life time i remember with them they go out drink.. smoke cigerettes whatever and then when i do something WHOA now blasphemy
  12. I don't know man. I got grounded all the time back in the day I just perfected the art of sneaking in and out of my house. Maybe start your ninja training for grad night?
  13. Yeah you could be right Tvay haha but idk i guess in all this im just disappointed in how my parents reacted i mean i knew they werent gonna like it but i thought they would be more open to hearing what i had to say
  14. Be a fucking man about just say im not gonna argue about it just say if you knew i was how come finding my search history results is so bad,plus people dont lace weed then sell it for the normal 10-20 dollars an eight of weed laced with coke and pcp can cost like 400$ so people and you can tell if its laced and then tell them to watch the union
    Stop smoking for a little while or atleast until graduation then get a bunch of your freinds to get jobs and rent out an aparment and live there away from your parents
  15. It's always disappointing when someone you cares about jumps to conclusions about you based on propaganda/public opinion, bro.

    But it generally happens that way. So keep an open mind and keep trying to help educate them.

    In the meantime, become one with the night, walk in the shadows, and have a fun graduation.
  16. i know lol.. i was like mom laced really? your the stereotypical person who has no clue what your saying anyways i guess ill prepare a union watching time for the fam tonight
  17. this.. im glad u get where im comin from but thanks man happy shmoking :smoke:
  18. I'll smoke my last bowl in your honor, I'm gonna be dry for about a week myself.
  19. #19 koopatroopa33, May 23, 2010
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    You should have told them

    A - it was your friend browsing on your shit but don't give a name, just tell them you don't want to get them in any trouble ( if they tried to call his/her parants or something like that ).
    B - That you were browsing these forums to learn more about weed because your friend told you that most of the things people say about weed is false.

    I don't see how they would have any proof, so you could have told them to fuck off but in a polite kind of way.

    Honestly if they havn't seen you smoke or smelled it I'd call bullshit and tell them if there still gonna punish you that you'll never forgive them. Just tell them straight up, I'll never speak to you again once I move out, you haven no proof I was smoking, I'll take a drug test to prove I wasn't, and since the home drug tests are easy to cheat you'd be in the clear.
  20. Wheres the harm in educating yourself on what "this pot thing" is all about , having visited a pot forum isnt equal to smoking so rather than convince them of anything id suggest they got the wrong end of the stick.
    It might be too late for that if you caved though.

    A password protected computer is an idea too , if thats not allowed then learn to clear the history and get in the habit.Remove links from favorites , its not difficult to remember your favorite site.

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