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Well I lasted 3 days into a 2 week break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fredbear, May 17, 2010.

  1. My last toke was thursday and I lasted till sunday night. I have been smoking everynight for the last two years. I feel I could have went longer but I do have weed in the house about a 1/4 anyway of some good stuff.
    even only going for that long I got that feeling back, the reason fro the break was that my lungs were starting to hurt as I was smoking more and more were I only had a bowl a day or I guess I should say a bowl a night.
    anyway on the mornings I didnt smoke the night before I felt great waking up this morn uggggggghhhh....crawled outta bed and felt pretty crapy

    anyway didnt know who else to tell
  2. if you really cant control yourself, once you smoke what you have just keep weed out of your house for two weeks and pick some up then. you'll thank yourself later.
  3. dude i love weed, but its ppl like you that piss me off. how can you not stop smoking for a week? you're letting it consume your fucking life dude. i go weeks, even a month without blazing and ill think about it sometimes, but it doesnt bother me that much. try to get some fucking willpower bro, damn.
  4. I used to feel like shit when I got up in the morning from smoking the night before, now I take a couple ibuprofens or pain killers as I am about to go to sleep. No more feeling shitty in the morning. Hope this helps man, and look at the bright side, at least your not stuck on something that is bad for u:D
  5. I know I can go longer but like I said I had all that weed there and when Iam home everyone else is asleep and I dont have anything else to do... xbox is alright but its better with weed
    I know I wouldnt go buy any if Iam trying to take a break but what am I supposed to do with the rest of my weed I have it in two zip bags rolled nice and snug and there are in a mason jar closed tightly
    mabey I can stash it somewhere other then at my house so its not handy.
  6. It hasnt comsumed me as I only do it at night one bowl thats about it...sometimes when were jamming...then theres my one day off Ill have a bowl in the am one in the pm and one in the eve when everyones sleeping.

    Iam 40 years old and have been toking since I was 17

    I feel I have a handle on it...but latley I havent been getting high or even paraniod thus I felt was the reason for a break
  7. You feel great the morning after not smoking?

    Whenever I take T-Breaks the first 3 or 4 mornings are like the worst part of the day. I wake up feeling headachey, fatigued, and kind of cold in a weird way. Like during a T-Break for some reason I'll find myself appreciating the warmth of a shower a lot more and things like that, it's weird.

    But then the morning after ending a T-Break, oh man, it's amazing. There's like an afterglow, since you're so not used it. Colors are so vivid and you feel soooo god damn relaxed all day lol.

  8. Thanks, I've felt like shit the past few mornings after smoking heavily the night before. Will try this, +rep.
  9. Damn dude. Im on day 10. but my friends keep talking about weed at school, then coming on GC everyday, and i have an eighth in my closet.

    You just have to really want it, even if the weed is availible. Set a small goal, like one week, then up it once you reach it.
  10. Do try my friend! I usually take 3 or 4 of the 200 mg stuff that you get from CVS. Works great!:hello:
  11. Smoke the pain away. Drown the burn in alcohol.
  12. You've become dependant on it just as much as electricity.

    Without power in my house, i'll go nuts, literally.

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